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Day 196 – Monday 6th August

So here we are, somewhere new, Ayuthhaya! Got up at half 11 today to get checked out of our place in Kanchanaburi, this time for good, and after picking up our washing, we headed off to the bus station. We first had to get a 2 and a half hour bus to Suphanaburi before getting a one hour minivan to Ayutthaya. We’ve come here for a couple of reasons, firstly due to the fact that it sounds like quite a cool place and secondly it’s only an hour outside of Bangkok. So we eventually made it, and checked ourselves into seemingly the only hotel with a spare room, I guess low season doesn’t affect this place. After spending a while trying to find a light, we realised the room didn’t have one and headed out to dinner, where we had some crazy Thai waiter obsessed with the premier league giving us hum dingers to answer. Name 2 teams in the premier league starting and ending in the same letter (Liverpool, Aston Villa). Then name 3 teams from last season with a K in their name (Blackburn, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke). And last but not least, 3 teams with 3 o’s in their name in England (Brighton & Hove Albion, Stockport county, Peterborough Town). We managed the first and second one, but could only get one on the third which he wasn’t too impressed with as ‘you are from England!’ After having a quick chat with these 2 French guys who were bigging up Indonesia loads (my next stop) we headed back to the hotel to chill out there for a while. Luckily we did eventually find the light switch! So we didn’t really manage to see any of the town yet, but we did get here late and tomorrow we will go on a temple mission to see what all the hype is about.

Day 197 – Tuesday 7th August

After a long lie in, we headed straight out to get some food, and I got a chicken tikka masala which was a huge mistake, I think it’s the first time I’ve had Indian food since leaving India and no other country can cook curry quite like them. After that we came back to the room as I had realised that I really need to sort out this visa for Indonesia soon, as the only embassy is in Bangkok and we won’t be there for very long when we go back tomorrow. So I spent the afternoon looking into where the embassy is and stuff and booked a flight to Malaysia for a couple of months time, as they need proof you’ll be leaving the country at some point and I want to stay longer but the flight was only £20 and I need it to get a visa. So after doing that, I was all sorted and tomorrow we’ll get up early and head off to Bangkok to try and get it sorted, hopefully all goes to plan. After writing the blog, it was getting dark and there’s only one temple here which is open at night so we headed to that. On the way we saw a couple of old temples but nothing was lit up so it was hard to tell what they were, then when we arrived at our temple, the man at the desk just gave us a torch and let us in. It was awesome, we were the only people there in this creepy temple. After walking around a bit seeing everything lit up in this cool torch light and admiring all the crazy Thai statues and shit we headed off to go get some dinner. Tonight we avoided the all too keen man of yesterday and opted for the pizzeria instead, which was very tasty. After chilling out there for a while, we headed back to the room to watch a film and then headed to bed ready for an early wake up tomorrow.

Day 198 – Wednesday 8th August

Managed to miss the alarm this morning, and we didn’t manage to get up until half 11 which was a complete disgrace and meant we had to rush the hell out of there in order to get to Bangkok before the Indonesian embassy closed. We managed to both shower and pack in 20 minutes which must be some sort of record, and then headed off to the minibus stop to get a ride to Bangkok. After a 20 minute wait for the minibus to fill up, we headed off with our big bags on our laps, luckily it only took an hour so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Once we made it back here, we jumped on a train to the hostel we stayed at last time, then I dropped off my bags and ran off to the embassy, by this point it was almost 2 and the place closes at 3 and I only really had a vague idea of where it was. Luckily I knew what road it was on and after getting off the train I headed in the right direction and luckily the embassy was well signposted outside so it was easy to find. Went in there and asked to apply for a visa and as per fucking usual ‘we only take applications in the morning’ I don’t understand why they never think to write this shit on their website! Anyway, it takes 2 working days and this weekend is a bank holiday so I’d have to wait until Tuesday if I applied tomorrow, and I don’t want to do that so I’m going to give it a miss and just get ripped off for a visa on arrival and do a visa run up to Malaysia at some point. I’m sure it will all work itself out, I just wished I’d thought of it earlier, because I’ve had so many chances to apply for one in Bangkok. Whatever, so I headed back home and got some noodles on the way before I saw Greg who was waiting for me for food, woops! After we ate, we headed to the local bar to play some pool and have a couple beers whilst avoiding the lady boys. After hanging out there for a while, we spent some time sorting some shit on the internet and headed to dinner, where I got this epic surge of tiredness, so when we came back I went to bed. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it was only 10 and I normally go to bed much later I couldn’t sleep so after a while of tying and failing I got back up and sat up with Greg for a bit before going back to bed around 2, ready for a 6 wake up tomorrow to go fetch Pops for the airport, can’t wait!!!

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you are such a tw*t re. your visa. honestly!
good to get some pics of you today from Poppy - will be interesting for her to see the 'inside' of the blog / how it gets written / uploaded and how exciting it is when the comments come in - woohoo
love you both - it's funny that Paul and Matth are away together this week too - Dad getting emotional!
lol m xx
ps. we were there last night when Kenyan Rudhisha broke the World record and Jamaica got ALL the medals :-) fun times

by elizabethzy

More importantly Joe; footer starts after the Olympics!! No doubt you will keep in touch. GD.

by m.hurry

apparently your sister has now left for Pipi so why haven't you updated your blog for ages and ages??
see you soon
m xx

by elizabethzy

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