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Sea, sand, sisters and heading down South!

Day 199 – Thursday 9th August

After sleeping for pretty much no time at all, I had to wake up at 6 this morning in order to get to the airport to meet up with Pops. Once I’d crawled out of bed I hopped on the trains to the airport, something I seem to have done so many times now, once I got there I headed up to the arrivals gate. Unfortunately I was a bit late and she was already waiting downstairs, so after waiting in vain for her at arrivals for about 40 minutes I went downstairs to meet her where we had agreed. So here she is, Pops has arrived to Thailand, and her first stop was straight to the hostel and back to bed for me. Pops came in to wake me up at 2 as she felt I had slept enough, and we headed off to go visit one of Bangkok’s giant malls. This time we decided to head to an all fake mall rather than the expensive ones. We walked around for a few hours all buying different stuff, Greg bought me some amazing headphones for an early birthday present, and we headed home just as it started to rain, typical. Once we got back Pops moved in to our dorm and we all sat around for a while waiting for the rain to die down, catching up with pops on everything. Once it got dark we headed off to go see a couple of Bangkok’s night time attractions, we managed to get a taxi to the grand palace after trying to say it about 10 times in Thai, and we tried to go see the giant reclining Buddha but the closing time was earlier than we had been told so we couldn’t get in. Instead, we headed over to the river to catch a view of the big famous temple, can’t remember what it’s called but it looked really nice at night. After that little culture session, we came back to grab a bite to eat close to home, and we ended up at a ridiculously overpriced restaurant with tiny portions and huge prices, the food was good though. After dinner we headed back to chat for a little while before Pops heading off to bed and me and Greg staying up for a while longer watching shit on the internet.

Day 200 – Friday 10th August

Bloody hell, 200 days that’s a bloody long time! Just sitting here on our 12 hour train down South, finally. After an early wake up, due to our new roommates making a racket when they came in, we all headed our separate ways for the day. Greg went back to the mall we saw yesterday to try and get his iPhone fixed, and me and Pops went to see Jim Thompson’s house, a famous American who had a really nice house in Thailand. Once I’d got all my stuff packed, we went off to the metro station after stopping for some really nice Thai food, and headed over to see what the fuss is all about. Long story short, Jim, was conscripted here during the war, and after the war finished he stayed in Thailand and started selling silk on the international market and making lots of money, and due to the fact that he was an architect he used the money to construct a really cool house. Sorry for the terrible history lesson, but the house was really nice and our Thai guide (ridiculous accent included) was very fun, oh yeah Jim mysteriously disappeared when he turned 61, something that was predicted by one of his horoscopes or something (crazy). We took a quick browse through the shop and headed home, so nice to be spending time with my big sister again, lots of stuff that we need to talk about, she never reads the blog so there’s lots to fill her in with. Greg had also made it back with a freshly fixed phone, so we went out to get some food, and all too soon it was time for us to head to the train station for our 7:30 train to Surat Thani. After a very sweaty journey of running around with our huge bags, we made it to the station with about 5 minutes to spare and sat in our seats. The train was completely full, I think due to it being a bank holiday this weekend, so we didn’t have any space to lie down or play cards, so we were reduced to games such as ‘I spy’ to keep us going. The train did go relatively quick though, apart from when we broke down for about an hour and had to stop tons of times after that.

Day 201 – Saturday 11th August

So the train was 3 hours late, I guess the Thais just haven’t got the efficiency of those Chinese! We made it in at half 10, then got on a bus in to town, where we almost crashed and grew flew off his seat, it was hilarious! That took about half an hour and then we got to town and the next bus wasn’t for an hour and a half and everyone was very tired and needing to sit down on the coach after the sleepless night on the train. We walked off to go get some food and a few extra munchies and water for the bus. Once we came back to the bus everyone had got on early due to anticipation of the bus being overcrowded, which it was but the conductor man got us a couple of seats and we got going on our 4 hour journey to Krabi! The coach was completely packed the whole way there, the aisles full and people sitting 3 to a 2 person seat, but we all managed to sleep for most of it, only annoying thing was that we didn’t make it until half 4 and we still had to get a 30 minute taxi to the port and wait half an hour for our boat, and we finally make it to Railay at 6ish. The beach was nothing spectacular, and we’d arrived on the good side! After walking across the island we arrived on the affordable side which consisted of a rocky beach and mangroves and filthy water, none of us too impressed! Either way we had to stay here as it was getting late and after walking around for an hour we also realised the place was completely full (due to the fore mentioned bank holiday) but we did eventually find one place with a free room and we put in an extra bed on a 2 person room and all finally had a shower! So we’re staying in a bamboo hut, which I’m happy about but we’re right up in the bloody mountains of the beach, as are all the places on this side of the island, because it’s shit! I’ve been told good things about this place, and for now I’m not really feeling it, but we will see how it is in the light of day tomorrow. After we all got washed we went for a meal in this really fancy restaurant on the beach, and it was pretty nice. After that we went to the shop to get some water and other supplies, and realised this place is a fucking rip off, all the shops charge like double or triple normal prices, it’s cheaper to buy drinks in a restaurant for crying out loud. After a drink in the local chill out bar, we went back for an early night, which we all needed.

Day 202 – Sunday 12 August

We all got up at separate times today and met up on the beach at different times. By the time I got up, Pops and Greg were gone so I took my time, ordered some food to be delivered to the room and got to the beach at 3. And what do I see, two bright red people lying down on the beach, burnt already! Ah well, I threw my stuff down and ran into the sea, I’ve been waiting to do that for so long now and it felt bloody good. After getting out and doing some sunbathing me and Greg went on an adventure to find the beach next door which is located around a cliff so it was a long and tiring swim to get there, but the beach was really cool and secluded. So I went to ask if any places had free rooms, but that failed so we went back to our beach this time by taking the walking route over the little cliff. The trip wasn’t completely in vain though we did manage to find a body board on the way which proved very useful as I didn’t have a towel and I didn’t want to get sandy by lying in the sand. We hung out at the beach until sunset and got a couple of pictures and headed off back to our shitty side. We all had showers and the headed out to dinner, and we found a nice looking restaurant with free wifi so we were sold, the food was bloody tasty as well. Once we finished eating Greg started watching an Arsenal match online (typical) and me and Pops searched online for places to stay when Mum comes out to visit in 10 days. At one point Greg went back to the room to get his ipad because his laptop had run out of battery, and he managed to miss one of the funniest scenes ever. So, this woman sees a snake on the floor and freaks out and jumps on her seat, and the waitress is like everyone get on your seats, and the woman gets super freaked out and then she screams and jumps on the table and knocks all their drinks off, Pops was laughing so loud literally 2 metres away from her. And then Greg walks in, steps over the snake not even realising and is completely baffled why everyone is on their seats, unlucky mate, it was fucking hilarious. After that drama, we came back to the room and played cards for a while before hitting the hay for some more beach times tomorrow.

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Say Hi to Pops from us and pleased she made it safely. Have you got any pictures of your latest location? GM&GD.

by m.hurry

good one guys - Joe please send pics :-)
m x

by elizabethzy

Super photos Joe. Thank you. GM&GD.

by m.hurry

lovely photos - thx - see you real soon
m xx

by elizabethzy

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