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Railay and on to Phi Phi

Day 203 – Monday 13th August

Our second full day here on Railay started pretty much the same as the first, Pops was first up and she headed straight off for the beach while me and Greg took our time and had some food and met her in the afternoon. Once there we decided to try and find a nicer beach (the one we were on was really busy and had a lot of boat traffic) but unfortunately the only one we could find was really rocky so we headed straight back to our original position. Those 2 spent the afternoon sitting in the shade nursing those burns of yesterday while I got my tan on, eventually Greg did get a Frisbee at one point which livened up the afternoon, along with my secret mission of trying to steal one of the hotel towels which was successful. After tiring ourselves out running all over the place trying to catch the Frisbee, we spent the rest of the afternoon and sunset lying on our towels and taking some pics of the view. Before we left me and Pops did manage to find a paddle and ball set, so we played that for a while then headed off before it got dark and we picked up Pops’ ticket to Phuket tomorrow where she will be meeting up with Bex. When we got home, we all sat around playing a card game before everyone got mad at me for winning all the time, hopefully Bex fairs better when she gets here. We then went out to dinner at the same place as yesterday and we used their free wifi to check for places on Phi Phi Island, where we are headed in a couple days. Then we went home and Pops did her packing and got to bed early for a 6am wake up tomorrow. Me and Greg stayed up for a while playing some cards and watched a movie and got our typical chicken baguette midnight snack.

Day 204 – Tuesday 14th August

Once we made it up today, Pops was long gone, she was probably all the way in Phuket by then. We had a lazy breakfast in the hotel and after managing to waste ages doing sitting in the hammocks after that, we headed off to find a different beach. This place got such a good review from people I’ve met and so far we really can’t see why, so we saw a sign to a lagoon and assumed that must be the place to be. Once we made it we found out the lagoon was at the top of a hill, and Greg’s feet hurt so we gave it a miss and carried on walking. After passing a gang of about 30 monkeys all walking around on the path and ransacking dustbins we eventually made it to the end of this hidden path and found this absolutely amazing beach. Unlike everywhere else, the sea was actually deep and you didn’t have to walk out for hours trying to get chest deep, on top of that the sand was white and the place was pretty much empty. All in all it was fucking beautiful and it’s very bad luck we found it so late, but we had a good afternoon chilling and swimming and playing Frisbee and stuff. Then the epic sunset came and we realised we were definitely on the right beach, then we headed off back home to buy our ferry ticket to Phi Phi tomorrow where we will meet up with the girls. After getting showered and starting to pack we went for dinner at the same place again, it has such nice food and is one of the few cheap places near us, and it’s got wifi as well. I finally wrote the blog, sorry for being so fucking useless guys, I always want to sit down and do it, but when there’s 3 or 4 of us, it’s quite hard to get long enough to myself to get it done. After getting most of our packing done, we sat down to watch star wars, a film Greg has never seen before which is completely outrageous! Anyway I managed to convince him it was the best film, and of course he loved it. We got to bed a bit earlier than usual in order to not feel too shit for the early boat trip tomorrow. I’m very sad to leave Railay now, after finding that beach it has completely changed my opinion on this place, hopefully Phi Phi lives up to expectations.

Day 205 – Wednesday 15th August

Phew, today was a very long day, so much to tell! So we got up bright and early got all our shit together and after having to carry Pops’ bag to the boat we turned up positively sweaty and we still had a 30 minute wait in the sun before our long tail boats took us out to the ferry. Luckily we were stuck in the boat with a group of fucking scouse retards, on the way to the ferry they shit a brick saying there’s no way they would change boats, despite the fact that they tie them together and carry your bag for you and it’s only a 10 cm gap, safe to say they ruined the trip with their bloody whining. Once on, the boat took about an hour and a half, Greg spent the time sleeping, and I sat on top deck trying to catch some more sun. The best part of the journey was when we were pulling up to phi phi, we saw phi phi leh (the island used in the filming of ‘the beach’) which is absolutely spectacular, and one day we’ll go on it and check out all the sights. So we pulled in to the pier and the girls were waiting there having only made it in 30 minutes before, so all worked out fine. Next we had to sort out somewhere to stay, something which is known to be very difficult if you have nothing booked, after checking out all the places we settled for a couple of beach huts with sea view and unfortunately no pool. After dropping off all our things we got changed in to our swimming attire and headed down the coast to the more popular part of the beach (our end is covered in rubbish!). The beach isn’t half bad, but even with the tide in you can ‘t get deeper than knee deep in the sea, and we saw people walk miles out and still not be any deeper, so doing any sort of swimming was fucking impossible, and we thought Railay was bad! It wasn’t half bad for playing Frisbee, and after hanging out with this Frisbee enthusiast for a while we got back down to the important business of lying down doing nothing. We did wait for the sunset, then headed back to the room where we got an even better view of it, we all got showered and dolled up for our first night out on the town. After a quick round of cards, where I won as usual, we had dinner at this really nice Indian restaurant then headed to reggae bar where they have a boxing ring in the middle and they encourage the public to jump in and have a fight and get free drinks. Safe to say it’s fucking hilarious seeing these people not know how to fight really go for it, we stayed there for a few fights then went to an Irish bar to get ourselves a couple buckets (a cocktail in a bucket). After that, we dropped off Greg back home as he was too tired to come out, and we hit up all the ‘clubs’ on the beach. The whole night was really good, decent music and fun to party on a beach again, and everyone was having such a good time. After hanging out there for a while, we went back and hit the hay, as I said fucking long day!

Day 206 – Thursday 16th August

Bex and Pops managed to stay in bed just as late as us today, which was mind blowing! Those two then headed straight off to the beach and me and Greg got some food in the place next to us on the beach, where we found out that Van Persie had just left Arsenal for United, we all knew it was eventually coming, but it doesn’t make it any less funny! Sorry guys if you don’t know what I’m on about, football. So after that great start to the day, we went down to the beach to meet up with the ladies, and today the tide was out, and you couldn’t imagine how fucking far away the water was, which was so annoying, I hate being on the beach and not being able to even go swimming. The clouds also came out pretty much as soon as we arrived, so those 2 pissed off to find out information about going on a tour to Phi Phi leh tomorrow. We decided to stay on the beach and watch the crazy Chinese people trying to catch crabs in the shallow water, going crazy each time they came close to catching one or getting pinched. The sun never decided to come back out again so we went back home to meet up with them and find out the situation for the tour tomorrow. Unfortunately, the infamous cliff jump from the film is currently closed, and that’s the real reason I wanted to go. So we opted out of doing it, and we’ll find out from them how good it was. If you haven’t seen ‘The Beach’ it’s a bloody good film and Leo Dicaprio is fucking good in it, so everyone should watch it! Once again our 2 ladies got all dressed up for dinner and we went to a pretty expensive restaurant tonight, but it was super tasty and our waitress was bloody hot for a Thai girl. We all had a great time catching up and taking dumb photos there, before heading to the boxing bar to see more of the same as yesterday. Unfortunately, no one was ballsy enough to volunteer tonight so we left there pretty much straight away. I wanted to see if I could find someone doing trips for game fishing, so we have something to do while the girls go on the boat tour tomorrow, but there was only one place and it was insanely expensive, so we just ended up walking around the town seeing the sights and checking out the fishing potential of the jetty (forbidden!). We did manage to lose the girls, so we came back here to find them, and once they got back, me Pops and Bex all played a trivial pursuit style game which was a bloody good laugh. And guess who won, ditsy Pops over here! I’d expect better from a graduate Bex! Those two fucked off to bed early and me and Greg stayed up watching Apocalypse Now, which was 3 hours long, so we stopped about half way to finish it off tomorrow.

Day 207 – Friday 17th August

Woke up today to the biggest storm I’ve ever seen, it looked like another tsunami was coming our way! All I could think was that the girls must be having a pretty shit time in this weather on a tiny boat. By the time we got up, the streets were rivers and our balcony and all our stuff hanging up was completely soaked, so we took an educated decision to eat at the place closest to us, where we both got chicken burgers. By the time we got back to the room, it became clear that we ate 2 different burgers, as Greg was running to the toilet back and forth throwing it all back up again. While he passed out in bed, I sat down to watch the rest of Apocalyse Now, which was a pretty fucked up film, but still very good and obviously a classic, Martin Sheen’s best film. By now those 2 had made it back and they were saying they had a really good time, that I really don’t believe, but sure thing. The afternoon was spent with those 3 all asleep in their beds while I sat on my laptop watching movies and keeping dry and cosy. By the time the girls eventually got up (by the time it was dark) we all showered and got ready for another night out, needless to say Greg skipped it, opting for a quiet night in recovering. So us 3 hit the town, and went to a really tasty restaurant with great deals on pasta and pizza and headed back to that Irish bar to get a couple buckets. There we met these 2 mates travelling around Thailand for a month, who were seemingly desperate for some new company. One of them was off his rocker as he had taken way too much valium on the bus the day before and still hadn’t fully recovered, in simple terms he seemed very slow! The other guy really nice though, at least Bex thought so ;) while I had the spaz as my ‘wing man’ for the night. After polishing off our drinks we headed over to the beach clubs and the places were as busy as ever with a really good atmosphere tonight, the best part was when it started completely hosing it down, and us hard-core guys stayed in the rain as everyone ran off inside. I got fucking oaked, all my money and everything but it was well worth it. We stayed out partying the night away until they shut down the music around2, and after having to carry a stupendously drunk girl home, we got back and greg was still up so we chilled out for a bit before hitting the hay for our last full day tomorrow, and the start of the season!

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mammoth update joe - well done
(which one of them was the stupendously drunk girl?)
hug m xx

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Who's this Robin van Persie?

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I've heared of some pretty stupid questions but those two above take some beating! RvP is hailed as the new Cantona by his new Manager - some bloody hope! All sounds exiting stuff out there Joe and hope it keeps up so your Ma can join in! Cheers for now. GD.

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