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Day 208 – Saturday 18th August

Today was another day of terrible weather here on Phi Phi, once we all made it out of bed we went in to town to get some food (once the rain eased up). We went back to the restaurant we found last night to give the now healed Greg a taste of it, and the two girls went off to do some shopping. After that me and Greg went for a little wander round and managed to find a really nice beach, unfortunately it was too little too late, if only we’d found it on our first day! On the way back we went to a bar which was recommended to me last night to check it out, and there we bumped in to Oli (the guy we were with last night) so we hung out there chatting to him for a while. Unfortunately there was another huge downpour and even though we were under cover in this bar we still managed to get soaked as it was impossible to keep at bay. A bar’s not a bad place to be stuck though I guess, but once the rain did ease up a little bit we headed off back to the house to meet up with the girls. Those two then decided to steal my laptop and watch ‘The beach’ in order to compare notes on what they saw yesterday, and obviously appreciate such a good film. But no they didn’t even like it that much! After that they kept my laptop and used it to go on the internet in the bar next door, so me and Greg really did have fuck all to do this afternoon except stay out the way of the incessant rain. Once it got dark, we all got ready for our last night here on Phi Phi and headed off to get started with some dinner. After dinner we rushed off to the same bar as before to catch the start of the season, after months of waiting it’s finally here, and it all gets kicked off with Arsenal against Sunderland. And after all that waiting it was a massive disappointment, the game was average at best and really not exciting and Arsenal didn’t win which obviously wasn’t what Greg was looking for. So after that pretty miserable experience we got our tickets for the trip to Ko Samui tomorrow and headed home to spend the rest of the night chilling out.

Day 209 – Sunday 19th August

I don’t know what I ate or what I drank last night but I was up pretty much all night throwing up, and not to be too graphic but it wasn’t normal sick and it just kept coming. After almost 7 months of absolutely no problems, I was not looking forward to this day coming and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice but to get going in the morning on our long journey over to the other side of Thailand. After being sick over the balcony before we left and barely managing to make it to the pier, we got on our first boat and I threw up all over the side pretty much straight away, which was good as it scared everyone off and we had a whole section to ourselves, so I could finally lay down and get a bit of sleep. The boat took about an hour and a half and once we got off we all had to wait around for around 30 minutes for the bus to arrive, where I was once sick again, luckily this was the last of it though and I could finally drink water again without feeling instantly sick. So we got on our bus once it turned up, I think it took around 3 hours, but I was completely out of it the whole way, and then we got on another boat which took around an hour, and there we were, we’d made it to Samui! We got off the boat and hopped in a taxi, and told the woman to take us to the nicest beach and she told us she knew of a place with bungalows in our price range, and after 45 minutes she’s dropped us off at ‘marine bungalows’ which was to be our home for the next few days. The place is super nice, and the boy and girls have our own separate bungalows which are huge, we do have to share double beds though. By now it was quite late so we sat down for dinner at the hotel restaurant and I managed to force down a bit of food before we all went back to our room and I wrote the blog and we all watched modern family together.

Day 210 – Monday 20th August

Woke up quite early today, still not feeling great, but nothing like yesterday and headed down to the beach where I met up with Bex and we had some breakfast, we both wanted bananas which they were out of unfortunately so I was stuck with a pineapple porridge and her a pineapple and watermelon pancake. After that we joined Pops on the beach and got our tan on, so far this beach is looking very nice, the sea is deeper than Phi Phi (but still not very deep) and the sand is white and it’s not too busy. Greg joined us after a while having just been to the shop to buy himself some new swimming trunks. The best thing about this beach is all the people who come by selling stuff, firstly it means you don’t have to move and secondly they don’t pester you and if you say no they do piss off straight away, unusual. The girls bought a bikini and matching anklets and I bought a volleyball and a racket and ball set to keep us occupied on the beach, the volleyball went down a treat as neither of us has played football in ages (and it showed). After we all had had enough, we headed back to the rooms to get into some dry clothes and we all went out to find somewhere nice to eat tonight. I was absolutely starving after the crap breakfast this morning so we headed off at a pretty sharpish pace, and soon lost the girls, and after going back and forth for a while we just gave up and went in to the first restaurant we saw. Here their main selling point was the giant grill out front, on which they were doing a special deal of 2 fillet steaks, 2 ribs, 2 pork steaks, 2 pieces of chicken and 2 kebabs, along with a couple of sides which despite the high price sounded absolutely perfect, so we sat down and after a mammoth wait got tucked in. It had to be my most expensive and best meal in Thailand, exactly what I needed after throwing up half my weight yesterday. After that great meal, we came back and watched a film as we had to wait until 2 in the morning for the United game to kick off, which it did and we were forced to watch 90 minutes of us getting beat by Everton, fun times for Greg! Anyway, it did finish and the girls made it back after having a late night out with one of Bex’s mates who happens to be on the island at the moment. I then stayed up for a little bit longer a Greg had to catch a bus to Malaysia at half 4 in the morning to do a visa run, as his runs out soon and this is the best time to get it done, so he’ll be off for the next 18 hours on his little trip.

Day 211 Tuesday 21st August

After a very late night last night for all of us, we had to get up at half 10 to go on a little tour of the island, and at 11 a little man came to our doors saying it was time to go, so we hopped on our minibus and headed to our first stop which was a really nice viewpoint looking over the island and the sea. After that we did a host of other things, including seeing a monk who was put in a glass case after he died to keep him preserved (with sunglasses on) and a place where they hand out free coconuts as well as let you take pictures with the coconut grabbing monkey. We also saw Samui’s biggest waterfall and had a swim in there before seeing a few elephants in a cage on the way back down, we then rounded off the day seeing 2 temples, one with a giant golden Buddha looking out to sea. Sorry not to go into too much detail, but it really was no more than that, we were thrown on a bus and then stopped at all these random places with really no idea what they were about, hung around them for a short while then hopped back on the bus to go see more pretty random things. All in all it was a pretty bizarre trip, although the waterfall was a nice place to cool off, but it was a good thing to do I guess, and we did see a lot of the island on the drives between places, well I did as those 2 slept. When we did finally make it back at 5 we all went straight to bed for a much needed nap and didn’t get up until half 7. Then Greg made it back from his mammoth trip around 8 and we all sat down for some dinner to catch up on the day gone by. Greg basically sat on a coach for 6 hours each way and got off for 2 minutes to get his passport stamped, which sounded very boring. We all had a nice chat and some average food and sat around at the table for a while before the girls went off to meet up with Bex’s mate, Jane, again and me and Greg just put our feet up. At around 1 the two of us were getting hungry so we went to McDonald’s, and who do we bump into there also having a midnight snack, the other half of our group! What a coincidence, so after laughing about that for a while and finishing up the food, we all came back together and had some family time watching TV in our room and went our separate ways for a well-deserved rest.

Day 212 – Wednesday 22nd August

After a very good sleep last night, we all got up very late and rather than waste the day lying on a beach, me and Greg decided to be proactive and get a haircut. Both of us have been complaining about our hair being too long for ages now, so it was finally time to let some lady boys cut our hair. Funnily enough Greg did have a lady boy cutting his hair, whereas I just had a normal woman doing mine. The lady boy took ages with Greg’s hair, so I had to sit around waiting for him for about 45 minutes once I was done, but it was finally out the way and my hair was not annoying me as it was before. After that little adventure, we went back to the beach to meet up with the girls and they were very impressed with our ‘smart haircuts’ and we all sat down for our last full day on this beach, interrupted every now and again for a little kick around. The weather wasn’t too great today so we didn’t hang around until sunset, and instead went back to the rooms and hung out there for a while. My mother will be arriving on a 9pm flight tonight, and as I haven’t seen her in such a long time I will be going solo to the airport, the 3 of them went out to dinner and shopping as I got ready to head to the airport. I jumped on a motorbike taxi at half 8 and got to the airport in time to see her land and only had to wait about 20 minutes before seeing my Mummy after being away for so long! What another bizarre entrance to Thailand, first feds, then Greg, then Pops, then Bex and now her, crazy times. It was good to see her again, and we had a nice long catch up in the cab and then sat down at the hotel for a few cocktails before those guys made it back from shopping and we all had a few drinks together, and me and Mum had some fish for dinner. She was obviously tired from the flight and stuff so she headed off to bed not too late and we all stayed up a bit longer but not too long as we have to get up early for check out tomorrow.

Day 213 – Thursday 23rd August

We all got up just before 11 today in time for check out, Mum decided to pay a half night’s rent and keep her room until 5 so we just threw all our shit in there and worried about packing later. We then hit the beach to give Mum her first taste of island life in Thailand, since being in Phuket for Pops’ conception all those years ago. The sun was shining and we all managed to lay about there for a while with our smoothies and magazines. Mum and Bex got massages at one point as sitting on the beach is so stressful. Eventually it got late enough that I had to get packing, the bus came at quarter to 3, half an hour before schedule, so I had to just throw everything in as quick as possible and rush out on to our bus. The bus took about an hour despite us only being 10 minutes from the port, due to the need for picking up the whole island of Samui on the way, including a bunch of loud obnoxious Italians who were so fucking annoying! Once we got off that we jumped on our boat and sat downstairs which was pretty much open air and was completely empty so we all lied down for a quick nap. The boat didn’t take longer than an hour but once we got off a storm was brewing and we were sure to get completely soaked on the way to our hotel on the other side of the island. Due to the remote location of where we’re staying, the girls and Greg headed off to pick up a load of snacks and drinks for the next couple of days before I managed to find the last covered minibus left, thank fuck as the rain was absolutely ridiculous and we would’ve drowned had we been on an open bus. The driver took us to the beach next to ours, as we have to get a boat to get to our remote beach but due to the current insane storm conditions, the driver just left us stranded and wet on this random beach. So we had nothing to do but sit in a restaurant and have a beer and some food. We got the waitress to phone the hotel for us and get them to send a pick-up truck for us, as you can drive there but you need a 4 by 4 and it’s a very bumpy road. Me and Greg knew all too well as we had to sit in the back in the open truck getting completely soaked getting bounced around all over the place on the drive there. So finally, after hours of crazy journeys and waiting in the rain and stuff we finally made it here to smile bungalows, and all of us were very happy to see it. We’ve got two family bungalows, one for the boys and one for the guys and they’re perfect. So all we had left to do was crack on with the gin and play some charades before all going to bed much earlier than usual, due to the place being much darker than usual and a lack of internet!

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Another marathon write-up Joe and quite a story. Pleased that you have all met up successfully and hope the weather improves for Mum's stay.
We know that the football season here has commenced as a certain Manager has already started whingeing about his team's bad luck in the first match. 'The home side had so much support; we had a lot of injuries in the back row, we should have had a penalty; and lots more crap'. Luckaly he is winning today so all is well.
Keep up the good work Joe and photos too as always please. GD.

by m.hurry

Hi Joe. No one's mentioned it but isn't today your ??? Happy .....! Hi to Liz. Enjoy yourselves! I'm very envious.

by Rosemary Hopkin

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