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Day 214 – Friday 24th August

The boys managed to have a pretty long lie in today, despite the fact that they cut the power here in the morning, we really are quite out of the way seemingly, no free wifi in the rooms or any internet in the hotel at all. When we did get up, we headed down for some breakfast where the girls were already waiting having some lunch, so we sat with them and had some pretty shitty food, I’ll have to pick more wisely next time. After that we all hung out on the beach for a while having a kick about on our perfectly white beach and swimming in the lovely sea. This place was so worth that mission yesterday and it feels so good to get out of the really tacky beaches full of bars and way too many people, this place is perfect! The only issue would be the weather, but I’ve bitched about that enough in Thailand and I guess you can’t really expect sun all the time at the end of the monsoon season. So we only stayed on the beach until around 5 when the weather really started to turn and it rained a lot. I decided to take this opportunity to write the blog, which my Mother insisted on watching me do which slowed down the process, and I had a lot to catch up on so it took forever, but I did get it out of the way, I’ll have to go to the posh hotel next door tomorrow to upload it sorry once again for the erratic nature of the blog and the recent long entries. Anyway, we had some dinner and drinks together and then us young guns sat around until around midnight waiting for the rain to ease up and hopped in a truck to go the half-moon party. Once we got there, the rain had completely stopped but the mood didn’t suggest that. Everyone there seemed a bit bored and the overall mood was super sombre, not that of a huge jungle party with thousands of people. Whether it was the fault of the DJ or the people attending, it certainly wasn’t worth paying to go, but at least we can say we went. Unfortunately we had to wait until 5 to get our lift back which meant a lot of waiting around, but we made it in the end and we were all glad to get back on that truck home, except Bex who got very car sick on the bumpy roads back to our place. All in all a bit of a shit night when we were expecting great things, hopefully full moon lives up to expectations next weekend.

Day 215 – Saturday 25th August

We didn’t get to bed until 6 last night and we all woke up relatively early due to the whole power cut and no fan situation, so we were all a bit groggy this morning. We did have a really nice breakfast though which got everyone back in good spirits to chill on the beach for the afternoon. Not much to report there, and after we had had enough it was cocktail time. After a few g&ts on the girls balcony and some snacks we headed off for a late dinner just before 9. Tonight we needed to find a place showing the United game, obviously, but there are only 4 places to go here, and the none of the first 3 even had a TV, but we got lucky at the restaurant on the other end of the beach which was showing the match. This place also had some really good food, which meant that everyone was happy, and United won so all was well (except Greg who was not happy to see RVP get that goal). I also finally had a red snapper for the dinner, it wasn’t the best but it was nice to finally get some good fish when I’ve spent so long next to the sea now. After a while hanging out at that place we came back here and everyone wished me a happy birthday at midnight and hit the hay, then me and Greg stayed up for a while just chilling out.

Day 216 – Sunday 26th August

There it is, I’m now 20 years old how fucking depressing! I did have a really nice day today though and who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday on such a nice place as this. I got woken up this morning by Greg making loads of noise getting ready as he fucked off with Bex to get some stuff for today; I wonder what it might be. I then went down to the beach to sit and have some breakfast with Mum and Pops, along with the customary birthday drink of course. Here they gave me my huge stack of presents (some shorts from Pops and a few cards) lots of thanks to Gma and Gdad for my card and money; I know you’ll be reading this. After all that excitement, we sat on the beach waiting for the other 2 to get back from their trip to the shops. Once they did get back with a sneaky bag and some fireworks they all went upstairs to wrap the presents, and Bex had got me a real gem, an ashtray with a naked woman lying in it, I know that sounds weird but they sell them everywhere in Thailand and I always laugh when I see them so it was a very good gift. We then all spent some time on the beach before the clouds inevitably came out so me and Greg decided to leave and find someone to take us fishing. Unfortunately none of the boat boys wanted to take us out as a storm was just about to come in and they didn’t want to get involved, so we just took our line and fihed off the cliffs. Unfortunately the whole mission was very wet (due to the rain) and very fruitless, not only was nothing caught but we lost most of the hooks as the sea bed was very rocky in that part. Once it started to get dark I headed back to the rooms to have a few drinks on the balcony and get my makeshift birthday cake, before we all headed downstairs to get some proper cocktails. Me and Greg left a bit early to the same place as last night as we had to get to the restaurant in time for the Arsenal game, which turned out to be just as shit and boring as last week. Either way the girls turned up to meet up with us and we all had a few drinks and some dinner, then we hit the beach to let off the fireworks, which turned out to be quite dangerous as none of us were very safety conscious in our altered states. Luckily no one got hurt, I decided to go skinny dipping next which turned out very bad as my own mother stole my clothes and I had to walk all the way home naked, how fun! Once we did all make it back, Greg completely passed out on his bed fully dressed and me and the girls stayed up for just a bit longer before they also crashed, so I was left all alone for a few hours to mess around with Greg making dumb videos as I tried to slap him awake, fun times. Despite the fact that I now feel ridiculously old, I couldn’t be in a better place for my bday and hopefully this time next year I’ll be still travelling and somewhere even more cool, thank everybody for your presents and a fun day.

Day 217 – Monday 27th August

No one really woke up with a hangover this morning, surprisingly, although Greg did wake up all confused about why he was in bed in all his clothes, silly boy! Once up he headed to the place next door to get some internet, and he discovered the videos I made last night on his ipad, he loved them just as much as I did, ridiculous how deep some people can sleep. After that great start to the day, we went down for another very good breakfast and it started raining so we headed back up to the rooms to take cover. After a while of sitting around watching some TV, me, Mum and Pops headed off on a water taxi to the next beach to buy some supplies. The weather was still a bit bad and the seas were super choppy which meant we got soaked on the way, but once there we stocked up on snacks and looked around for some fireworks but had no luck. After about an hour there, we hopped back on a water taxi where we were joined by this really smelly Frenchman which ruined the trip. Once back we dropped all our stuff off then I went out fishing, today was even worse than yesterday, not getting any luck around here! Tonight we decided to check out the restaurant in the posh place next door, but despite their hotel looking nicer and having a pool, their food left a lot to be desired! Safe to say we won’t be going back there again and we’ll most probably stick to the place we’e eaten at the last couple days. We went back to that place for some after dinner drinks though to make sure we stay in their good books, and it has a pool table which kept us occupied. When we got back, me and the girls sat down and watched the graduate, good old Mrs Robinson, Greg clearly doesn’t have a thing for older women as he decided to sit it out. Once the film finished, the girls went to bed and we stayed up for a while longer.

Day 218 – Tuesday 28th August

Once again Greg got up relatively early and woke me up with all his noise, can’t seem to get a long lie in around here anymore. After some breakfast, everyone came to meet us in the restaurant and we sat down to play some cards for a while, where Mum proved to be a very sore loser! Then we sat on the beach for a while, we even mustered up the strength to play a 2 on 2 game of volleyball, which wasn’t that bad just very tiring. We then played around with the ball in the sea for a while, after all that I almost passed out on the beach! Once again it was a cloudy day today so we decided not to stay there for too long, and headed up to the rooms instead to sit there staring at a screen, even paradise can’t keep you distracted for too long! Eventually we did all get bored of that and decided to head out for dinner much earlier than usual, which meant we made it to our restaurant in time for happy hour, which they decided to extend for us anyway due to the fact that we’re there every night. It did mean that the place was much more packed than it normally is at 9ish so we were forced to sit on a table on the beach which wasn’t so good due to the gale force winds tonight. Despite the food getting a bit sandy we had one of if not our best meals tonight. We also played some charades to keep everyone amused, although Greg wasn’t too much of a fan, that game is just too funny and Bex is really one of the family with her great acting skills. Greg eventually had enough and decided to ditch us and go for a late night swim in the sea, and we all headed back home after spending ages in that place. Tonight we all sat down to watch a movie together, except Mum who hit the hay (these oldies can’t keep up with us) and it was this is England on the box tonight, which is another classic and always good to watch. After that it was the same old story of the girls going to bed and me and Greg staying up too late watching tv.

Day 219 – Wednesday 29th August

Sorry guys, I know the days are starting to get more and more repetitive, and unfortunately today is no different. It started off with the girls getting up first, don’t really know what they do in the morning, who knows they might go on treks and things, I doubt it though. Then us guys woke up much later and came down for breakfast while they were getting cracking on lunch. One big difference today was that it was sunny, finally! This meant that we could all lie on the beach for the whole day and avoid doing anything too strenuous, so I got started on a book, and almost finished it while the girls did the same and Greg listened to music all day. We did take a break to all play a particularly aggressive game o piggy in the middle in the sea, but apart from that it really was an uneventful day until sunset. And once the sun had gone down not much really changed, we all got ready and went out to our same old little restaurant and ordered many of the same dishes as last night. Although we didn’t play charades tonight, instead we were entertained by the waiter who put on a little fire ball show and they started a bonfire on the beach. They did start letting people volunteer though which made the show get pretty shit so we all left and settled down for another night of sitting in and watching a movie. The girls were too tired to stay up for the film so it was just me and Greg tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having the best time just chilling out doing nothing, I’m sure it’s not that interesting for you to read though, ah well!

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Great to get your latest update Joe and so pleased your 20th went well. (You realise that it's all downhill now of course!) Only kidding. I cannot believe your mum did that on your birthday; what a stinker! All the photos were good and obviously the rain hasn't deterred any of your activities but hope it improves soon. Cheers for now. GD.

by m.hurry

Forgot to say that GM is working extremely hard at the office and comes home 'knackered' so I have to give her a synopsis of your blog as she falls asleep if too long reading it herself! GD.

by m.hurry

Joe-joe - you ok? on your own again??
loving it :-)
m x

by elizabethzy

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