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The end of Thailand


Day 220 – Thursday 30th August

Managed to finally have a good long lie in this morning, as Greg got up super early and therefore didn’t wake me up when he was getting ready as I guess I’m conked out in the mornings. Once I did get up I went down to have some breakfast and bumped into Mum having her lunch, she was waiting for a BLT. Unfortunately today we had the slow waiter who is always making mistakes and can’t speak a word of English, proper faulty towers stuff. So after waiting for her sandwich for ages she asked again and he came out with a banana shake, classic! After about an hour waiting she did eventually get her food and by the time we’d finished eating it was already 3 and I’d thrown the day away, so I rushed to the beach to get the last of the sun. Everyone had managed to get burnt today as it was unusually sunny, so they all buggered off pretty much as soon as I got there so me and Mum were left there to read our books until the sun went down behind the mountain and we headed back up to the rooms. It’s Mum’s last day tomorrow, which is so sad it feels like she’s only been here a couple of days and being away from the family for so long and only getting to see her for a short while is very depressing for me. Once we got to the room, they were all getting showered and stuff so I sat with Mum for a while just chatting, and she started crying which never helps the situation! So I left and hung out with Greg instead before we went out for dinner at the last restaurant left on the beach that we haven’t tried yet. The food was really bloody good, but we’d all finished and been waiting about half an hour before Bex’s pretty shit pizza turned up so everyone was pretty pissed with the service and safe to say we will not be returning there. In order to make up for it we headed next door to our favourite place and got a couple of cocktails. Once we were all done we headed back and got started on notting hill, but both the girls were tired and only Bex managed to stay up until the end, before following Pops to bed and leaving me and Greg to watch a couple more things on the laptop.

Day 221 – Friday 31st August

It was Mum’s last full day today and she’ll officially be out of Thailand tomorrow, so I’m a very sad boy right now! Back on track, today started much the same as usual, me and Greg waking up last and sitting down for what Mum called lunch once we made it out of bed. After that we all sat on the beach together and I cracked on with my book and chatted to Mum as much as I could. Slowly but surely we all left the beach when we got bored and once again it was just me and Mum left at the end, the true beach bums. After we left the beach I sat with her a while longer, like a heroin addict trying to get my last fix before I go cold turkey! After a while with her, people started to get hungry so we got ourselves ready and headed down to our usual eating spot to have our last meal with Mum (which means last free meal!) and it was just as delicious as it has been all week. We then had a couple of drinks and played some pool and came back to our place. The other guys sat down to watch my laptop while I sat with Mum to say my final goodbye as I she doesn’t want me waking up in the morning to say goodbye ‘too emotional’ and boy was that a hard goodbye, really haven’t missed the fam too much while I’ve been out here I guess there’s just been too many distractions. Bub saying goodbye definitely made me feel home sick and Pops is off in just a few days which will be just as hard. Anyway, it had to be done and she eventually kicked me out as she wanted to go to bed so I went to our bungalow and sat and watched stuff with the group before we had a relatively early night as Greg fell asleep whilst watching something.

Day 222 – Saturday 1st September

So Mum is gone, and it’s reminded me about how fucking hard it is to say goodbye out here, even when I’m saying goodbye to a country I get bloody emotional! It’s done now though I guess, and hopefully I get over it soon enough, but back in the present and boy is it getting fucking hot here, the monsoon season is technically supposed to end today, and over the last couple of days the weather has certainly felt very different. I keep waking up in the mornings covered in sweat and sitting on the beach is getting hotter and hotter, and it’s not rained in quite a while now and we always seem to have sunshine. Once I gave up on trying to get back to sleep in that boiling room, I went for some breakfast with Greg before we went next door to try and use the internet, which as usual was broken! Haven’t been able to get on for ages now which is so frustrating considering I’m actually up to date with the blog, but once I publish it I will be days behind due to this bloody internet shortage! So we were forced to retire to the beach and I finished off my book, and we all chatted about what and where we are going next. Tonight is full moon meaning that we will be getting back at some point tomorrow morning meaning that I certainly don’t want to travel anywhere. But the girls want to go to Ko Tao, a small island north of here, so I spent a while trying to convince them it wasn’t the best idea, but that felt on deaf ears, luckily though due to the full moon all the ferries are booked for the next couple of days so we won’t have to leave our little paradise anytime soon. Unfortunately for Greg, he doesn’t have that option and he will be going to Bangkok tomorrow and eventually on to Laos as his visa is about to run out. In the afternoon, Pops and Bex went to the pier to get some stuff for full moon, fluorescent t-shirts and some alcohol. Once they got back we vacated the beach and went up to the rooms to get ready for the big night. The girls were taking ages with their make-up and things so me and Greg went to the bar without them to catch the football, and they came to meet us after about an hour so we ditched the game and sat down for some dinner. On the way back from dinner we stopped off at one of the resorts to book ourselves on a speed boat to the party rather than slumming it in a 4by4. It costs a bit more, but it should be a really good laugh and best of all they don’t pick you up until 7:30 in the morning so you can wait around for sunset. After we got our tickets we went to the rooms hoping to have a cheeky nap before we headed off for our 11:30 boat, but none of us could sleep so we just got ready and sat and had a couple of drinks together before leaving at 11 and waiting on the beach for everyone else to be ready. On our boat we’ve got a group of about 12 Canadians doing a tour or something, and they all had to have a little pep talk from their group leader so we left a bit behind schedule, but that didn’t really matter. The boat was such a good laugh on the way there and then the view from it coming in to the beach was awesome, just one giant beach full of people and tons of music and lights coming from all directions, has to be the most crazy party I’ve ever seen. So we got there and had a quick walk around to get our bearings and see what the vibe was, and the place was just too cool to explain, half the beach full of people just sitting down chatting and drinking and then the other half with thousands of people going crazy to all the different types of music coming out, it was just mad! The funniest thing was that we ran into these 2 guys we met back in Ko Phi Phi, and they recognized us after a few seconds, they were wasted to their defence. We didn’t hang out with them too long as we wanted to check out the other beach clubs, and we managed to just keep on partying for the next 4 or 5 hours taking breaks every now and again to have a bucket full of alcohol. As it got to sunrise I feel that I should now carry on the story in the next day…

Day 223 – Sunday 2nd September

So around 6 we decided to give the dancing a break as we were all knackered and we wanted to sit on the beach to watch the sun come up, unfortunately we couldn’t really see the sun due to the clouds, but we did manage to see a boat which looked very much like ours leaving at around quarter past 6. So we went to where it should’ve been parked to check out the situation, and sure enough it was no longer there and we just had our fingers crossed that the group of Canadians hadn’t just forgotten about us and left well before the scheduled 7:30 departure. Either way we had nothing to do but wait and see so we sat and watched how the beach transformed into a daytime party, hit the club for a quick 20 minute dance before we left, and sat down at 7:30 and realised that the boat was definitely not coming back for us. Ah how bloody brilliant! Whatever had happened, we still needed to get off the beach and I assumed that being a fancy hotel they would take full responsibility for leaving us behind and pay for our taxi boat back so I said we should just jump in anyone and sort out the logistics later. Pops had her phone though so she gave them a call to tell them what had happened and they said no they wouldn’t pay and that it was our fault for missing the boat, yeah because you leaving more than an hour early is definitely our fault! So we had no choice but to jump in a boat (it was past 8 by now) and start an argument with them once we got back. The boat took bloody ages compared to how quick the speed boat would have made it, but we did eventually make it back and me and Pops hopped off to go get some money from the hotel. So I walk in, explain the situation and tell them they will be paying the taxi boat for us and I don’t want to hear anymore. Instead, she says it’s till our fault, when I’m sitting there with a ticket that say pick up was 7:30 and she starts getting angry at us, exactly what you want after being up for so long, an incompetent bitch getting pissed at you. SO after a lot of drama, we ask for the owner to get the fuck out of bed and come sort this out, and he does eventually come with the same fucking answer of ‘no money for you’ it’s absolutely unbelievable they’re all genuinely confused as to how this could possibly be there fault! So Pops goes back to the boat to try and stall them a bit longer, as I try my hardest to get this owner to realise he’s being a complete cunt, which he eventually does, but he is only offering us half our ticket back rather than just paying the boat fare. So I explain to him that it doesn’t matter how much the ticket was, if he promises us a lift back he has to pay whatever that cost is, so he drops his back and comes at me! Wow if that’s how you should treat customers I’ve had it wrong all along, rather than smash his head in 2 (by this point I was so tired and frustrated with these idiots I just wanted to kill him) I took a breath, accepted his bloody offer of half a refund, shouted at him and all his retard staff, the had a go at the Canadians for not waiting for us and we paid off the taxi boat man and headed back to the rooms for a much needed sleep. What a long bloody day! After a 2-3 hour sleep we all got up again at half 1 to say goodbye to Greg as he got in his boat to the pier to get on another boat to the mainland and a bus up to Bangkok, after that I couldn’t be bothered going back to bed so me and Pops stayed up for the rest of the afternoon bonding and watching some TV, as I now only have one more day left with her! So now Mum and Greg have both left, and having spent almost 2 months’ worth Greg it’s sad to see the back of him, but we’ve had an awesome time and he should have an even better time when he makes it to Laos, and we’ll bump into each other sooner or later. Eventually Bex got up, and all 3 of us zombies went out for dinner at our restaurant as we couldn’t move and then came back from dinner and just sat around a bit before an early night.

Day 224 – Monday 3rd September

So here it is, my last day in Thailand, after just over 2 months here I’ve got my last full day here, and despite the fact that I don’t love this country (I’ll get to that later) I’ve had an awesome time. Despite the early night last night, I could barely sleep as everyone was leaving and I’m starting to get nervous about Indonesia and all that jazz, so I didn’t make it out of bed until half 12, and the girls were on the beach waiting having been up since 8 as they went to bed so early last night. As I’ve mentioned it’s been getting bloody hot here, so by the time I’d made it down they’d had just about enough of the beach so we went to the pier to sort out a couple of things before we leave. After a quick and tasty lunch at this really nice restaurant, we went to the internet café opposite for a good hour to check our emails and what not and they had to print off their ferry ticket for tomorrow as well as their flight ticket. I also had to book myself on a ferry to Phuket which is the big island on the other side of Thailand, and where my flight to Bali is leaving at 6 in the morning on the 5th. After sorting all that out we picked up some snacks and headed back to our beach for our last evening together. Boy am I going to miss this beach, it’s absolutely stunning and its remote location means it’s never busy and you feel like you’re on some Robinson Crusoue deserted island. So we sat around to watch the sunset together and reminisce on our time spent here and on the other islands and we had one last swim in the sea before we all got ready for some dinner. Unsurprisingly we’ve decided to have our last meal at the classic place at the other end of the beach, where all the staff were happy to see us again as they thought we’d all left. We had a really lovely meal and a couple of drinks and headed back to have another classic night of all sitting on a bed together watching a movie on my laptop. After the film, the girls were tired (as usual) so I was left all alone in my bachelor pad to finish off my packing and try and fail to sleep. I’m just way too emotional at the moment with everyone leaving to keep my brain calm and fall asleep so it was another sleepless night for me! Despite the fact that I will be in Thailand for the day tomorrow, I do consider this my last day and therefore I will give you guys my final thoughts on my time here. As you all know, I fucking loved China due to its culture and the complete lack of Western influences and for that I was very sad to leave and very apprehensive of Thailand. And I was right to be, despite it being a beautiful country, you’re constantly with other westerners, whether they’re old expats just out here to exploit the prostitutes or the scores of younger travellers just trying to get a taste of beach life, you really can’t escape it. Although it was nice that everyone spoke English and getting anything done was a piece of piss compared to China it really didn’t make up for feeling like a complete tourist getting ripped off at bars and restaurants especially when you get down south to the beaches which are pretty much exclusively for white people. I do like to hang out with pissed up brits abroad for a night out on occasion, but all the time was just too much and long story short I’m not a lover of this country. But don’t get me wrong I’ve had the best time and the last 2 months have flown by quicker than any previous months travelling. I’ll always remember Thailand for all the people who came out to see me, it feels like an age ago that Feds was here, but it was great to see him again, and then Greg came out and it was just as nice to see him, and it will be weird not living with him anymore. Then there was Pops and Bex who really breather life in to our trip and made our foursome such a good little group, and it can’t be said how nice it was to see Pops after so long, after all she is my favourite sister! Then Mum came out and the 2 weeks we spent on bottle beach I’m sure everyone will agree was the best part of the trip and not just because she paid for everything. She was such a good laugh, and the place was just pure perfection, and having her there on my birthday was brilliant (even if she did leave me stark naked on the beach after stealing my clothes!). All in all, it feels very good to know home isn’t that far away and people are more than happy to come out and visit as, let’s face it, Thailand is a lot better than England for a summer holiday! The downside to all this is the fact that everyone did have to leave and more than anything saying goodbye to Mum was very difficult as she wasn’t here long enough to piss me off and everyday was a really good day with her. I’ve just got to hope that this bout of feeling homesick doesn’t last too much longer! Bring on Indonesia!

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holy cr*p - just read all that and ... no shit sherlock, am in tears AGAIN
love you darling boy
m xx

by elizabethzy

Pleased that the sunshine came at last. Have just played a round of golf with your Dad to-day at Lullingstone in brilliant sunshine. It looks as if we are in for some good weather this Septmber so hope that Phuket and Bali are the same for you. Thanks again for the write-up. Have a safe journey. Cheers. GD.

by m.hurry

Cheers for all the comments guys, I do always read them, it's just a mission to reply as it's public and not private comments or something, I don't know! Good to hear you've got sunshine too, here in Indonesia its scorching. New blog will be up later, I'll post an update on here with links to it and stuff, be sure to check out the map it's really starting to look impressive.

by travellingjoe

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