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Day 189 – Monday 30th July

Today started a bit unusually with Greg waking me up at 1 eugh! We decided it would be a good idea to get up and actually do something so today we are going on a little mission to see the old bridge over the river Kwai. After waiting around for ages for Greg to finish his email to his family (after I’m told off for taking too long to write my blog) eventually he did get it done and we got on our way on the 5km walk to the bridge. If any of you don’t know of the film, basically this bridge was a famous bridge back in the day because it goes from Thailand through Burma and there was a film made about this particular bridge over the river Kwai. I haven’t watched it in ages, so can’t remember the specifics but there are POWs and stuff…it’s supposed to be a classic anyway. After a long walk, we made it to the bridge and after pissing around taking dumb pictures on the bridge and walking across it we were finished. The whole thing took about 10 minutes; firstly it’s not the bridge from the film! It’s a bloody modern steel one, disgraceful, and there were loads of tourists and it’s only a small bridge so not really much to do. Either way, it was cool to see it and get out the house for once! We decided to check out the museum next door and after paying 80p to get in we witnessed one of the worst museums ever, it made absolutely no sense whatsoever, here’s what lonely planet had to say; ‘one of the most eclectic and downright odd sites’ wish we’d read that before we paid to get in! We got out of the museum pretty much as soon as we went in, then we checked out getting a taxi boat back, but it was super expensive so we decided just to walk, and found some food on the way back in the cool little restaurant. Once we got left there it started raining (as per fucking usual) so we rushed back before it started pouring down, which it inevitably did. After waiting around for a while, we hit our usual joint of Robbo’s bar and got some good grub and played some more pool, man we sound fucking boring but I fucking love pool! We also saw Tom Daley’s retard partner cost him the gold medal, poor show Waterfield (or whatever his name is). After hanging out there for a while we came back to spend another night hanging out on our upstairs balcony of the house boat watching cool runnings, classic film.

Day 190 – Tuesday 31st July

Today we got up in the vibrant mood and decided it would be a good day to go play some golf, but as usual it started to rain! So yes we did get up at a reasonable hour and sat down to get all the directions for how to get to the golf course, but it was not to be, we decided to get some breakfast at the place just across the road to avoid the bloody soaking. After that we came back home and saw this giant lizard just swimming around next to our room (yes, that little is happening that I need to report on lizards). We decided that if we were just going to sit around and be useless cunts, we might as well fish! So we headed off to the fishing shop, and after a 30 minute walk we realised we must have gone the wrong way. Luckily we had walked straight in to the allied war cemetery, so we did manage to catch that sight at least, it’s kept ridiculously well, it’s a really nice plot, but surrounded by a bit of a shitty end in town. Either way, the fishing shop was nowhere to be found and it looked like it was about to rain, so we headed back and managed to finally pick up a lonely planet for a good price. Up until now we have been picking up copies in book shops and taking notes on where to go, and after getting this we realised there’s so much shit to do around here, and we need to get our acts together and start seeing some of these cool sites (we’ll see how long that lasts). After that little excursion we popped in to our favourite pub to play yet more hours of pool and knock back and a couple of cold ones whilst watching England win a medal or two. Well done to the North Koreans up until now as well, got a little soft spot for them and 3 golds ain’t half bad for such a fucked up country! After that we came back to chill out here for a while, not really sure what we do but time just seems to pass. Eventually went out to get some pizzas at a pizzeria, and they were bloody good, can’t fault the array of western food on offer here in Thailand. Then we sat back to watch a couple of films before going to bed, ready for an action packed day tomorrow full of crazy adventures and such.
Day 191 – Wednesday 1st August

This is just getting fucking pathetic, we’ve been here for what feels like forever and barely done anything, it’s not just pure laziness, the floating house is not a bad place to chill out in the day, and the weather is just a constant annoyance, really didn’t think monsoon season would be this bad just got to hope it isn’t raining on the beaches! So we got up nice and late, got an average breakfast and came back here to sit around doing literally fuck all, all day. Luckily the internet was working unbelievably well today so I downloaded a ton of crap for us to watch whilst we’re stuck here. After a while we went out for dinner (you know where) and I got a steak and mushroom pie, fuck it was good, and then we came back here to sit around watching movies before going to bed, tomorrow we will do something…surely!

Day 192 – Thursday 2nd August

Busy little day today! After setting an alarm (for 2pm mind) we got up and hit the ground running, once showered, we went straight to the scooter rental place, picked up a scooter and got directions to a golf club. After what seems like a long drive, due to the woman telling me to wear a helmet and me getting one that was way too big and kept blowing off my head! So yeah, after about half an hour, we turned up at this super fancy golf course, with about a 2km driveway. Playing a round of golf was too expensive, and neither of us is good enough to be playing on such an immense course, so we headed over to the driving range instead. A lot of shit shots (from Greg) and 200 balls later, we had well and truly embarrassed ourselves and got blisters from the shitty rented clubs, and we got back on the bike to hit the road again back in to town. By now we were starving, and worn out from the strenuous events of the day gone by, so we went to good old Robbo’s bar, and our usual hang out was fucking closed! So we had to settle for some street food, rather than walk up and down the street trying to decide where would have good food. After that little meal we came back home to spend the rest of the evening chilling out and deciding where we should go next. There doesn’t really seem to be one place to go next, we have to be in Bangkok in a week to get Pops so we can’t go too far, but seemingly apart from hanging out in Bangkok there aren’t really loads of standout places to go. But there are a couple of national parks and stuff around, basically it’s all still up in the air so we will check out in the morning and decide then what to do next. We had dinner back at that pizzeria place with the stupid French owner and then spent the night watching films as per usual. Although to you Kanchanaburi may sound bloody boring, it is a really nice place and although we may have stayed here too long, it has been fun, should be good to be back on the road again tomorrow.

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A few lessons from Dad will put you right for the golf Joe. I cannot believe that the Kwai museum was so bad. Absolute disgrace! I agree with you that they should have built a replica bridge instead of that steel monstrosity. What a let down! It was a great film though. Did you see that 'VERTIGO' was voted best film ever? Bet you blokes havn't seen it!? GD.

by m.hurry

Yeah, I saw that, for a film that was said to be terrible when it first came out isn't so bad. And no, I've never seen it I will have to watch that some time. The museum isn't the official river kwai museum, it just happens to be next to the bridge and there is supposed to be a good museum about the war somewhere else, but we just haven't made it yet.

by travellingjoe

lessons from his Dad?? I don't think so! all he will show him is how far he can throw a club...!
take care Joe - some issues here with Poppy and Becks - looks like you're only meeting Poppy in first instance but she'll be / or has been in touch
see you soon m xx

by elizabethzy

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