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The end of Kanchanaburi

Day 193 – Friday 3rd August

We got up at 11 today to get all our shit packed up and finally get checked out of this place, finally! Last night we were too useless to come up with an official plan on what to do, but it was still early in the day so I sat down for about an hour just going over all our options and deciding what the hell we should do. Unfortunately, near us there isn’t too much, there’s a national park not too far away but the last bus back is at 4 and we haven’t booked accommodation there and we don’t want to be stuck with all the snakes all night. Apart from that there really doesn’t seem anywhere worth going, there are lots of day trip places (none of which we have seen) but apart from going to Bangkok and going somewhere from there, we have no options. So after finally being a bit proactive and getting checked out and everything, we had to check back in and now we’re stuck here for even longer! Safe to say the morning was completely wasted and we should have just had a very long lie in as usual. So we decided to just throw in the towel basically, at least we’ve still got our great floating room and Robbo’s bar of course…no…actually it was closed, for the second day in a row which is a complete fucking joke! So we had to go to another bar to get a full English this morning. After that we went back to our hotel to properly check back in and things, and get laughed at by the man at the desk. Then we though as we had got up and everything it would be silly to waste the day so we went on a little walk to find a fishing shop, and after asking a few people we eventually found it, and picked up some basic supplies to catch us some dinner. Once we got back to the room, I set up all the hooks and shit and then we threw our lines in off the balcony, and quickly realised it was impossible to fish here as the water is completely full of moss and stuff so the hook keeps getting caught. So that activity went down the drain pretty quickly after wasting a good 2 hours sorting everything out. At least we now have all the tools to go fishing when we eventually make it to the beach. After spending the rest of the afternoon just relaxing on the balcony, where we had sun for about 10 minutes which was insane, we eventually went for dinner at the pizzeria. After a nice meal we came back here for the typical movie watching night, clueless was on the box tonight, never realised growing up just how much of a piss-take it was. Surprising considering I must have seen it at least a million times (in joke for the Lodge family). After that we hit the hay for a 9am wake up tomorrow and we will actually be doing something worth writing about, hopefully!

Day 194 – Saturday 4th August

We got up at half 9 today like a couple of crazy people and walked to the train station. After buying a ticket for the end of the line (Nam Tok) we jumped on the train that was waiting on the platform, unfortunately this was just a tourist train which goes over the bridge and then comes straight back again, so we got chucked off at ‘the bridge over the river kwai’ stop. After waiting there for about an hour, our delayed train eventually turned up and we were finally on the ‘Death Railway’ although we weren’t going all the way to Burma. So we officially crossed the bridge on a train and then spent the next 2 and a half hours just on a train, not much really happening. We eventually got off at the end of the line and due to the delay it was too late for us to go to the national park and see Thailand’s most famous waterfall. So we had to opt instead for the waterfall which is only 10 minutes from Nam Tok train station, due to its ideal location and the fact it was a Saturday, the place was packed with locals having picnics and jumping in the waterfall and stuff. We left as soon as we saw the waterfall (really not impressive anyway) and went to the bus station to get a bus back home. The bus came pretty quickly and the drive only took about one and a half hours and we had made it back to Kanchanaburi and would you believe it the sun was out! So we took full advantage and walked home and went straight to bed for a 3 hour nap. When we did get up, we went to the pub for a dinner of full English breakfast, and it was fucking good, then we came back to our house and spent the rest of the night watching a couple movies, same same.

Day 195 – Sunday 5th August

After yesterday’s antics of a ridiculous amount of tourists we decided that it would probably be best to go see the waterfall another day and take Sunday off. After a much needed late lie in, we first dropped off all our washing and went to good old Robbo’s for breakfast. Unfortunately, not enough people had put in orders for Sunday lunch so we didn’t have the pleasure of having that this week. We played some more pool (I’m getting fucking good now) and eventually left his to go back and spend the rainy afternoon under cover. Once it stopped raining, we finally went swimming in our pool, we’ve managed to be here more than a week and not swim in it once! My trunks were in the wash so had to jump in my only pair of boxers left, big mistake. Can’t wait to be on the beach swimming and sunbathing every day, I feel like we made a huge mistake hanging around in the North, there’s a reason everyone goes to the beach as it really is the best part of Thailand, avoiding tourists is completely pointless now. At least Pops is coming in a few days and we’ll head down to a beach as soon as she does, unfortunately only one on the east of Bangkok, not all the way down to the famous islands. We will get there eventually though and I can’t fucking wait! We went back to our usual hang out for dinner and played a bit more pool and saw Murray shit on Federer, I’m still in complete shock about how many bloody medals we’re getting at the moment. We then settled in for the night out of the bloody rain for another movie night! At least we watched The Beach, it’s all about Thailand so it’s all relevant I guess although it is filed on the amazing beaches and just makes me sad that I’m not there. Going to get the hell out of here tomorrow I think!

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As you say Joe; roll on the beaches! I'm sure Pops is looking forward to this and seeing you both. Cheers for now. GM&GD

by m.hurry

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