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The end of Thailand


Day 220 – Thursday 30th August

Managed to finally have a good long lie in this morning, as Greg got up super early and therefore didn’t wake me up when he was getting ready as I guess I’m conked out in the mornings. Once I did get up I went down to have some breakfast and bumped into Mum having her lunch, she was waiting for a BLT. Unfortunately today we had the slow waiter who is always making mistakes and can’t speak a word of English, proper faulty towers stuff. So after waiting for her sandwich for ages she asked again and he came out with a banana shake, classic! After about an hour waiting she did eventually get her food and by the time we’d finished eating it was already 3 and I’d thrown the day away, so I rushed to the beach to get the last of the sun. Everyone had managed to get burnt today as it was unusually sunny, so they all buggered off pretty much as soon as I got there so me and Mum were left there to read our books until the sun went down behind the mountain and we headed back up to the rooms. It’s Mum’s last day tomorrow, which is so sad it feels like she’s only been here a couple of days and being away from the family for so long and only getting to see her for a short while is very depressing for me. Once we got to the room, they were all getting showered and stuff so I sat with Mum for a while just chatting, and she started crying which never helps the situation! So I left and hung out with Greg instead before we went out for dinner at the last restaurant left on the beach that we haven’t tried yet. The food was really bloody good, but we’d all finished and been waiting about half an hour before Bex’s pretty shit pizza turned up so everyone was pretty pissed with the service and safe to say we will not be returning there. In order to make up for it we headed next door to our favourite place and got a couple of cocktails. Once we were all done we headed back and got started on notting hill, but both the girls were tired and only Bex managed to stay up until the end, before following Pops to bed and leaving me and Greg to watch a couple more things on the laptop.

Day 221 – Friday 31st August

It was Mum’s last full day today and she’ll officially be out of Thailand tomorrow, so I’m a very sad boy right now! Back on track, today started much the same as usual, me and Greg waking up last and sitting down for what Mum called lunch once we made it out of bed. After that we all sat on the beach together and I cracked on with my book and chatted to Mum as much as I could. Slowly but surely we all left the beach when we got bored and once again it was just me and Mum left at the end, the true beach bums. After we left the beach I sat with her a while longer, like a heroin addict trying to get my last fix before I go cold turkey! After a while with her, people started to get hungry so we got ourselves ready and headed down to our usual eating spot to have our last meal with Mum (which means last free meal!) and it was just as delicious as it has been all week. We then had a couple of drinks and played some pool and came back to our place. The other guys sat down to watch my laptop while I sat with Mum to say my final goodbye as I she doesn’t want me waking up in the morning to say goodbye ‘too emotional’ and boy was that a hard goodbye, really haven’t missed the fam too much while I’ve been out here I guess there’s just been too many distractions. Bub saying goodbye definitely made me feel home sick and Pops is off in just a few days which will be just as hard. Anyway, it had to be done and she eventually kicked me out as she wanted to go to bed so I went to our bungalow and sat and watched stuff with the group before we had a relatively early night as Greg fell asleep whilst watching something.

Day 222 – Saturday 1st September

So Mum is gone, and it’s reminded me about how fucking hard it is to say goodbye out here, even when I’m saying goodbye to a country I get bloody emotional! It’s done now though I guess, and hopefully I get over it soon enough, but back in the present and boy is it getting fucking hot here, the monsoon season is technically supposed to end today, and over the last couple of days the weather has certainly felt very different. I keep waking up in the mornings covered in sweat and sitting on the beach is getting hotter and hotter, and it’s not rained in quite a while now and we always seem to have sunshine. Once I gave up on trying to get back to sleep in that boiling room, I went for some breakfast with Greg before we went next door to try and use the internet, which as usual was broken! Haven’t been able to get on for ages now which is so frustrating considering I’m actually up to date with the blog, but once I publish it I will be days behind due to this bloody internet shortage! So we were forced to retire to the beach and I finished off my book, and we all chatted about what and where we are going next. Tonight is full moon meaning that we will be getting back at some point tomorrow morning meaning that I certainly don’t want to travel anywhere. But the girls want to go to Ko Tao, a small island north of here, so I spent a while trying to convince them it wasn’t the best idea, but that felt on deaf ears, luckily though due to the full moon all the ferries are booked for the next couple of days so we won’t have to leave our little paradise anytime soon. Unfortunately for Greg, he doesn’t have that option and he will be going to Bangkok tomorrow and eventually on to Laos as his visa is about to run out. In the afternoon, Pops and Bex went to the pier to get some stuff for full moon, fluorescent t-shirts and some alcohol. Once they got back we vacated the beach and went up to the rooms to get ready for the big night. The girls were taking ages with their make-up and things so me and Greg went to the bar without them to catch the football, and they came to meet us after about an hour so we ditched the game and sat down for some dinner. On the way back from dinner we stopped off at one of the resorts to book ourselves on a speed boat to the party rather than slumming it in a 4by4. It costs a bit more, but it should be a really good laugh and best of all they don’t pick you up until 7:30 in the morning so you can wait around for sunset. After we got our tickets we went to the rooms hoping to have a cheeky nap before we headed off for our 11:30 boat, but none of us could sleep so we just got ready and sat and had a couple of drinks together before leaving at 11 and waiting on the beach for everyone else to be ready. On our boat we’ve got a group of about 12 Canadians doing a tour or something, and they all had to have a little pep talk from their group leader so we left a bit behind schedule, but that didn’t really matter. The boat was such a good laugh on the way there and then the view from it coming in to the beach was awesome, just one giant beach full of people and tons of music and lights coming from all directions, has to be the most crazy party I’ve ever seen. So we got there and had a quick walk around to get our bearings and see what the vibe was, and the place was just too cool to explain, half the beach full of people just sitting down chatting and drinking and then the other half with thousands of people going crazy to all the different types of music coming out, it was just mad! The funniest thing was that we ran into these 2 guys we met back in Ko Phi Phi, and they recognized us after a few seconds, they were wasted to their defence. We didn’t hang out with them too long as we wanted to check out the other beach clubs, and we managed to just keep on partying for the next 4 or 5 hours taking breaks every now and again to have a bucket full of alcohol. As it got to sunrise I feel that I should now carry on the story in the next day…

Day 223 – Sunday 2nd September

So around 6 we decided to give the dancing a break as we were all knackered and we wanted to sit on the beach to watch the sun come up, unfortunately we couldn’t really see the sun due to the clouds, but we did manage to see a boat which looked very much like ours leaving at around quarter past 6. So we went to where it should’ve been parked to check out the situation, and sure enough it was no longer there and we just had our fingers crossed that the group of Canadians hadn’t just forgotten about us and left well before the scheduled 7:30 departure. Either way we had nothing to do but wait and see so we sat and watched how the beach transformed into a daytime party, hit the club for a quick 20 minute dance before we left, and sat down at 7:30 and realised that the boat was definitely not coming back for us. Ah how bloody brilliant! Whatever had happened, we still needed to get off the beach and I assumed that being a fancy hotel they would take full responsibility for leaving us behind and pay for our taxi boat back so I said we should just jump in anyone and sort out the logistics later. Pops had her phone though so she gave them a call to tell them what had happened and they said no they wouldn’t pay and that it was our fault for missing the boat, yeah because you leaving more than an hour early is definitely our fault! So we had no choice but to jump in a boat (it was past 8 by now) and start an argument with them once we got back. The boat took bloody ages compared to how quick the speed boat would have made it, but we did eventually make it back and me and Pops hopped off to go get some money from the hotel. So I walk in, explain the situation and tell them they will be paying the taxi boat for us and I don’t want to hear anymore. Instead, she says it’s till our fault, when I’m sitting there with a ticket that say pick up was 7:30 and she starts getting angry at us, exactly what you want after being up for so long, an incompetent bitch getting pissed at you. SO after a lot of drama, we ask for the owner to get the fuck out of bed and come sort this out, and he does eventually come with the same fucking answer of ‘no money for you’ it’s absolutely unbelievable they’re all genuinely confused as to how this could possibly be there fault! So Pops goes back to the boat to try and stall them a bit longer, as I try my hardest to get this owner to realise he’s being a complete cunt, which he eventually does, but he is only offering us half our ticket back rather than just paying the boat fare. So I explain to him that it doesn’t matter how much the ticket was, if he promises us a lift back he has to pay whatever that cost is, so he drops his back and comes at me! Wow if that’s how you should treat customers I’ve had it wrong all along, rather than smash his head in 2 (by this point I was so tired and frustrated with these idiots I just wanted to kill him) I took a breath, accepted his bloody offer of half a refund, shouted at him and all his retard staff, the had a go at the Canadians for not waiting for us and we paid off the taxi boat man and headed back to the rooms for a much needed sleep. What a long bloody day! After a 2-3 hour sleep we all got up again at half 1 to say goodbye to Greg as he got in his boat to the pier to get on another boat to the mainland and a bus up to Bangkok, after that I couldn’t be bothered going back to bed so me and Pops stayed up for the rest of the afternoon bonding and watching some TV, as I now only have one more day left with her! So now Mum and Greg have both left, and having spent almost 2 months’ worth Greg it’s sad to see the back of him, but we’ve had an awesome time and he should have an even better time when he makes it to Laos, and we’ll bump into each other sooner or later. Eventually Bex got up, and all 3 of us zombies went out for dinner at our restaurant as we couldn’t move and then came back from dinner and just sat around a bit before an early night.

Day 224 – Monday 3rd September

So here it is, my last day in Thailand, after just over 2 months here I’ve got my last full day here, and despite the fact that I don’t love this country (I’ll get to that later) I’ve had an awesome time. Despite the early night last night, I could barely sleep as everyone was leaving and I’m starting to get nervous about Indonesia and all that jazz, so I didn’t make it out of bed until half 12, and the girls were on the beach waiting having been up since 8 as they went to bed so early last night. As I’ve mentioned it’s been getting bloody hot here, so by the time I’d made it down they’d had just about enough of the beach so we went to the pier to sort out a couple of things before we leave. After a quick and tasty lunch at this really nice restaurant, we went to the internet café opposite for a good hour to check our emails and what not and they had to print off their ferry ticket for tomorrow as well as their flight ticket. I also had to book myself on a ferry to Phuket which is the big island on the other side of Thailand, and where my flight to Bali is leaving at 6 in the morning on the 5th. After sorting all that out we picked up some snacks and headed back to our beach for our last evening together. Boy am I going to miss this beach, it’s absolutely stunning and its remote location means it’s never busy and you feel like you’re on some Robinson Crusoue deserted island. So we sat around to watch the sunset together and reminisce on our time spent here and on the other islands and we had one last swim in the sea before we all got ready for some dinner. Unsurprisingly we’ve decided to have our last meal at the classic place at the other end of the beach, where all the staff were happy to see us again as they thought we’d all left. We had a really lovely meal and a couple of drinks and headed back to have another classic night of all sitting on a bed together watching a movie on my laptop. After the film, the girls were tired (as usual) so I was left all alone in my bachelor pad to finish off my packing and try and fail to sleep. I’m just way too emotional at the moment with everyone leaving to keep my brain calm and fall asleep so it was another sleepless night for me! Despite the fact that I will be in Thailand for the day tomorrow, I do consider this my last day and therefore I will give you guys my final thoughts on my time here. As you all know, I fucking loved China due to its culture and the complete lack of Western influences and for that I was very sad to leave and very apprehensive of Thailand. And I was right to be, despite it being a beautiful country, you’re constantly with other westerners, whether they’re old expats just out here to exploit the prostitutes or the scores of younger travellers just trying to get a taste of beach life, you really can’t escape it. Although it was nice that everyone spoke English and getting anything done was a piece of piss compared to China it really didn’t make up for feeling like a complete tourist getting ripped off at bars and restaurants especially when you get down south to the beaches which are pretty much exclusively for white people. I do like to hang out with pissed up brits abroad for a night out on occasion, but all the time was just too much and long story short I’m not a lover of this country. But don’t get me wrong I’ve had the best time and the last 2 months have flown by quicker than any previous months travelling. I’ll always remember Thailand for all the people who came out to see me, it feels like an age ago that Feds was here, but it was great to see him again, and then Greg came out and it was just as nice to see him, and it will be weird not living with him anymore. Then there was Pops and Bex who really breather life in to our trip and made our foursome such a good little group, and it can’t be said how nice it was to see Pops after so long, after all she is my favourite sister! Then Mum came out and the 2 weeks we spent on bottle beach I’m sure everyone will agree was the best part of the trip and not just because she paid for everything. She was such a good laugh, and the place was just pure perfection, and having her there on my birthday was brilliant (even if she did leave me stark naked on the beach after stealing my clothes!). All in all, it feels very good to know home isn’t that far away and people are more than happy to come out and visit as, let’s face it, Thailand is a lot better than England for a summer holiday! The downside to all this is the fact that everyone did have to leave and more than anything saying goodbye to Mum was very difficult as she wasn’t here long enough to piss me off and everyday was a really good day with her. I’ve just got to hope that this bout of feeling homesick doesn’t last too much longer! Bring on Indonesia!

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No longer a teenager.

Day 214 – Friday 24th August

The boys managed to have a pretty long lie in today, despite the fact that they cut the power here in the morning, we really are quite out of the way seemingly, no free wifi in the rooms or any internet in the hotel at all. When we did get up, we headed down for some breakfast where the girls were already waiting having some lunch, so we sat with them and had some pretty shitty food, I’ll have to pick more wisely next time. After that we all hung out on the beach for a while having a kick about on our perfectly white beach and swimming in the lovely sea. This place was so worth that mission yesterday and it feels so good to get out of the really tacky beaches full of bars and way too many people, this place is perfect! The only issue would be the weather, but I’ve bitched about that enough in Thailand and I guess you can’t really expect sun all the time at the end of the monsoon season. So we only stayed on the beach until around 5 when the weather really started to turn and it rained a lot. I decided to take this opportunity to write the blog, which my Mother insisted on watching me do which slowed down the process, and I had a lot to catch up on so it took forever, but I did get it out of the way, I’ll have to go to the posh hotel next door tomorrow to upload it sorry once again for the erratic nature of the blog and the recent long entries. Anyway, we had some dinner and drinks together and then us young guns sat around until around midnight waiting for the rain to ease up and hopped in a truck to go the half-moon party. Once we got there, the rain had completely stopped but the mood didn’t suggest that. Everyone there seemed a bit bored and the overall mood was super sombre, not that of a huge jungle party with thousands of people. Whether it was the fault of the DJ or the people attending, it certainly wasn’t worth paying to go, but at least we can say we went. Unfortunately we had to wait until 5 to get our lift back which meant a lot of waiting around, but we made it in the end and we were all glad to get back on that truck home, except Bex who got very car sick on the bumpy roads back to our place. All in all a bit of a shit night when we were expecting great things, hopefully full moon lives up to expectations next weekend.

Day 215 – Saturday 25th August

We didn’t get to bed until 6 last night and we all woke up relatively early due to the whole power cut and no fan situation, so we were all a bit groggy this morning. We did have a really nice breakfast though which got everyone back in good spirits to chill on the beach for the afternoon. Not much to report there, and after we had had enough it was cocktail time. After a few g&ts on the girls balcony and some snacks we headed off for a late dinner just before 9. Tonight we needed to find a place showing the United game, obviously, but there are only 4 places to go here, and the none of the first 3 even had a TV, but we got lucky at the restaurant on the other end of the beach which was showing the match. This place also had some really good food, which meant that everyone was happy, and United won so all was well (except Greg who was not happy to see RVP get that goal). I also finally had a red snapper for the dinner, it wasn’t the best but it was nice to finally get some good fish when I’ve spent so long next to the sea now. After a while hanging out at that place we came back here and everyone wished me a happy birthday at midnight and hit the hay, then me and Greg stayed up for a while just chilling out.

Day 216 – Sunday 26th August

There it is, I’m now 20 years old how fucking depressing! I did have a really nice day today though and who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday on such a nice place as this. I got woken up this morning by Greg making loads of noise getting ready as he fucked off with Bex to get some stuff for today; I wonder what it might be. I then went down to the beach to sit and have some breakfast with Mum and Pops, along with the customary birthday drink of course. Here they gave me my huge stack of presents (some shorts from Pops and a few cards) lots of thanks to Gma and Gdad for my card and money; I know you’ll be reading this. After all that excitement, we sat on the beach waiting for the other 2 to get back from their trip to the shops. Once they did get back with a sneaky bag and some fireworks they all went upstairs to wrap the presents, and Bex had got me a real gem, an ashtray with a naked woman lying in it, I know that sounds weird but they sell them everywhere in Thailand and I always laugh when I see them so it was a very good gift. We then all spent some time on the beach before the clouds inevitably came out so me and Greg decided to leave and find someone to take us fishing. Unfortunately none of the boat boys wanted to take us out as a storm was just about to come in and they didn’t want to get involved, so we just took our line and fihed off the cliffs. Unfortunately the whole mission was very wet (due to the rain) and very fruitless, not only was nothing caught but we lost most of the hooks as the sea bed was very rocky in that part. Once it started to get dark I headed back to the rooms to have a few drinks on the balcony and get my makeshift birthday cake, before we all headed downstairs to get some proper cocktails. Me and Greg left a bit early to the same place as last night as we had to get to the restaurant in time for the Arsenal game, which turned out to be just as shit and boring as last week. Either way the girls turned up to meet up with us and we all had a few drinks and some dinner, then we hit the beach to let off the fireworks, which turned out to be quite dangerous as none of us were very safety conscious in our altered states. Luckily no one got hurt, I decided to go skinny dipping next which turned out very bad as my own mother stole my clothes and I had to walk all the way home naked, how fun! Once we did all make it back, Greg completely passed out on his bed fully dressed and me and the girls stayed up for just a bit longer before they also crashed, so I was left all alone for a few hours to mess around with Greg making dumb videos as I tried to slap him awake, fun times. Despite the fact that I now feel ridiculously old, I couldn’t be in a better place for my bday and hopefully this time next year I’ll be still travelling and somewhere even more cool, thank everybody for your presents and a fun day.

Day 217 – Monday 27th August

No one really woke up with a hangover this morning, surprisingly, although Greg did wake up all confused about why he was in bed in all his clothes, silly boy! Once up he headed to the place next door to get some internet, and he discovered the videos I made last night on his ipad, he loved them just as much as I did, ridiculous how deep some people can sleep. After that great start to the day, we went down for another very good breakfast and it started raining so we headed back up to the rooms to take cover. After a while of sitting around watching some TV, me, Mum and Pops headed off on a water taxi to the next beach to buy some supplies. The weather was still a bit bad and the seas were super choppy which meant we got soaked on the way, but once there we stocked up on snacks and looked around for some fireworks but had no luck. After about an hour there, we hopped back on a water taxi where we were joined by this really smelly Frenchman which ruined the trip. Once back we dropped all our stuff off then I went out fishing, today was even worse than yesterday, not getting any luck around here! Tonight we decided to check out the restaurant in the posh place next door, but despite their hotel looking nicer and having a pool, their food left a lot to be desired! Safe to say we won’t be going back there again and we’ll most probably stick to the place we’e eaten at the last couple days. We went back to that place for some after dinner drinks though to make sure we stay in their good books, and it has a pool table which kept us occupied. When we got back, me and the girls sat down and watched the graduate, good old Mrs Robinson, Greg clearly doesn’t have a thing for older women as he decided to sit it out. Once the film finished, the girls went to bed and we stayed up for a while longer.

Day 218 – Tuesday 28th August

Once again Greg got up relatively early and woke me up with all his noise, can’t seem to get a long lie in around here anymore. After some breakfast, everyone came to meet us in the restaurant and we sat down to play some cards for a while, where Mum proved to be a very sore loser! Then we sat on the beach for a while, we even mustered up the strength to play a 2 on 2 game of volleyball, which wasn’t that bad just very tiring. We then played around with the ball in the sea for a while, after all that I almost passed out on the beach! Once again it was a cloudy day today so we decided not to stay there for too long, and headed up to the rooms instead to sit there staring at a screen, even paradise can’t keep you distracted for too long! Eventually we did all get bored of that and decided to head out for dinner much earlier than usual, which meant we made it to our restaurant in time for happy hour, which they decided to extend for us anyway due to the fact that we’re there every night. It did mean that the place was much more packed than it normally is at 9ish so we were forced to sit on a table on the beach which wasn’t so good due to the gale force winds tonight. Despite the food getting a bit sandy we had one of if not our best meals tonight. We also played some charades to keep everyone amused, although Greg wasn’t too much of a fan, that game is just too funny and Bex is really one of the family with her great acting skills. Greg eventually had enough and decided to ditch us and go for a late night swim in the sea, and we all headed back home after spending ages in that place. Tonight we all sat down to watch a movie together, except Mum who hit the hay (these oldies can’t keep up with us) and it was this is England on the box tonight, which is another classic and always good to watch. After that it was the same old story of the girls going to bed and me and Greg staying up too late watching tv.

Day 219 – Wednesday 29th August

Sorry guys, I know the days are starting to get more and more repetitive, and unfortunately today is no different. It started off with the girls getting up first, don’t really know what they do in the morning, who knows they might go on treks and things, I doubt it though. Then us guys woke up much later and came down for breakfast while they were getting cracking on lunch. One big difference today was that it was sunny, finally! This meant that we could all lie on the beach for the whole day and avoid doing anything too strenuous, so I got started on a book, and almost finished it while the girls did the same and Greg listened to music all day. We did take a break to all play a particularly aggressive game o piggy in the middle in the sea, but apart from that it really was an uneventful day until sunset. And once the sun had gone down not much really changed, we all got ready and went out to our same old little restaurant and ordered many of the same dishes as last night. Although we didn’t play charades tonight, instead we were entertained by the waiter who put on a little fire ball show and they started a bonfire on the beach. They did start letting people volunteer though which made the show get pretty shit so we all left and settled down for another night of sitting in and watching a movie. The girls were too tired to stay up for the film so it was just me and Greg tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having the best time just chilling out doing nothing, I’m sure it’s not that interesting for you to read though, ah well!

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Family reunion


Day 208 – Saturday 18th August

Today was another day of terrible weather here on Phi Phi, once we all made it out of bed we went in to town to get some food (once the rain eased up). We went back to the restaurant we found last night to give the now healed Greg a taste of it, and the two girls went off to do some shopping. After that me and Greg went for a little wander round and managed to find a really nice beach, unfortunately it was too little too late, if only we’d found it on our first day! On the way back we went to a bar which was recommended to me last night to check it out, and there we bumped in to Oli (the guy we were with last night) so we hung out there chatting to him for a while. Unfortunately there was another huge downpour and even though we were under cover in this bar we still managed to get soaked as it was impossible to keep at bay. A bar’s not a bad place to be stuck though I guess, but once the rain did ease up a little bit we headed off back to the house to meet up with the girls. Those two then decided to steal my laptop and watch ‘The beach’ in order to compare notes on what they saw yesterday, and obviously appreciate such a good film. But no they didn’t even like it that much! After that they kept my laptop and used it to go on the internet in the bar next door, so me and Greg really did have fuck all to do this afternoon except stay out the way of the incessant rain. Once it got dark, we all got ready for our last night here on Phi Phi and headed off to get started with some dinner. After dinner we rushed off to the same bar as before to catch the start of the season, after months of waiting it’s finally here, and it all gets kicked off with Arsenal against Sunderland. And after all that waiting it was a massive disappointment, the game was average at best and really not exciting and Arsenal didn’t win which obviously wasn’t what Greg was looking for. So after that pretty miserable experience we got our tickets for the trip to Ko Samui tomorrow and headed home to spend the rest of the night chilling out.

Day 209 – Sunday 19th August

I don’t know what I ate or what I drank last night but I was up pretty much all night throwing up, and not to be too graphic but it wasn’t normal sick and it just kept coming. After almost 7 months of absolutely no problems, I was not looking forward to this day coming and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice but to get going in the morning on our long journey over to the other side of Thailand. After being sick over the balcony before we left and barely managing to make it to the pier, we got on our first boat and I threw up all over the side pretty much straight away, which was good as it scared everyone off and we had a whole section to ourselves, so I could finally lay down and get a bit of sleep. The boat took about an hour and a half and once we got off we all had to wait around for around 30 minutes for the bus to arrive, where I was once sick again, luckily this was the last of it though and I could finally drink water again without feeling instantly sick. So we got on our bus once it turned up, I think it took around 3 hours, but I was completely out of it the whole way, and then we got on another boat which took around an hour, and there we were, we’d made it to Samui! We got off the boat and hopped in a taxi, and told the woman to take us to the nicest beach and she told us she knew of a place with bungalows in our price range, and after 45 minutes she’s dropped us off at ‘marine bungalows’ which was to be our home for the next few days. The place is super nice, and the boy and girls have our own separate bungalows which are huge, we do have to share double beds though. By now it was quite late so we sat down for dinner at the hotel restaurant and I managed to force down a bit of food before we all went back to our room and I wrote the blog and we all watched modern family together.

Day 210 – Monday 20th August

Woke up quite early today, still not feeling great, but nothing like yesterday and headed down to the beach where I met up with Bex and we had some breakfast, we both wanted bananas which they were out of unfortunately so I was stuck with a pineapple porridge and her a pineapple and watermelon pancake. After that we joined Pops on the beach and got our tan on, so far this beach is looking very nice, the sea is deeper than Phi Phi (but still not very deep) and the sand is white and it’s not too busy. Greg joined us after a while having just been to the shop to buy himself some new swimming trunks. The best thing about this beach is all the people who come by selling stuff, firstly it means you don’t have to move and secondly they don’t pester you and if you say no they do piss off straight away, unusual. The girls bought a bikini and matching anklets and I bought a volleyball and a racket and ball set to keep us occupied on the beach, the volleyball went down a treat as neither of us has played football in ages (and it showed). After we all had had enough, we headed back to the rooms to get into some dry clothes and we all went out to find somewhere nice to eat tonight. I was absolutely starving after the crap breakfast this morning so we headed off at a pretty sharpish pace, and soon lost the girls, and after going back and forth for a while we just gave up and went in to the first restaurant we saw. Here their main selling point was the giant grill out front, on which they were doing a special deal of 2 fillet steaks, 2 ribs, 2 pork steaks, 2 pieces of chicken and 2 kebabs, along with a couple of sides which despite the high price sounded absolutely perfect, so we sat down and after a mammoth wait got tucked in. It had to be my most expensive and best meal in Thailand, exactly what I needed after throwing up half my weight yesterday. After that great meal, we came back and watched a film as we had to wait until 2 in the morning for the United game to kick off, which it did and we were forced to watch 90 minutes of us getting beat by Everton, fun times for Greg! Anyway, it did finish and the girls made it back after having a late night out with one of Bex’s mates who happens to be on the island at the moment. I then stayed up for a little bit longer a Greg had to catch a bus to Malaysia at half 4 in the morning to do a visa run, as his runs out soon and this is the best time to get it done, so he’ll be off for the next 18 hours on his little trip.

Day 211 Tuesday 21st August

After a very late night last night for all of us, we had to get up at half 10 to go on a little tour of the island, and at 11 a little man came to our doors saying it was time to go, so we hopped on our minibus and headed to our first stop which was a really nice viewpoint looking over the island and the sea. After that we did a host of other things, including seeing a monk who was put in a glass case after he died to keep him preserved (with sunglasses on) and a place where they hand out free coconuts as well as let you take pictures with the coconut grabbing monkey. We also saw Samui’s biggest waterfall and had a swim in there before seeing a few elephants in a cage on the way back down, we then rounded off the day seeing 2 temples, one with a giant golden Buddha looking out to sea. Sorry not to go into too much detail, but it really was no more than that, we were thrown on a bus and then stopped at all these random places with really no idea what they were about, hung around them for a short while then hopped back on the bus to go see more pretty random things. All in all it was a pretty bizarre trip, although the waterfall was a nice place to cool off, but it was a good thing to do I guess, and we did see a lot of the island on the drives between places, well I did as those 2 slept. When we did finally make it back at 5 we all went straight to bed for a much needed nap and didn’t get up until half 7. Then Greg made it back from his mammoth trip around 8 and we all sat down for some dinner to catch up on the day gone by. Greg basically sat on a coach for 6 hours each way and got off for 2 minutes to get his passport stamped, which sounded very boring. We all had a nice chat and some average food and sat around at the table for a while before the girls went off to meet up with Bex’s mate, Jane, again and me and Greg just put our feet up. At around 1 the two of us were getting hungry so we went to McDonald’s, and who do we bump into there also having a midnight snack, the other half of our group! What a coincidence, so after laughing about that for a while and finishing up the food, we all came back together and had some family time watching TV in our room and went our separate ways for a well-deserved rest.

Day 212 – Wednesday 22nd August

After a very good sleep last night, we all got up very late and rather than waste the day lying on a beach, me and Greg decided to be proactive and get a haircut. Both of us have been complaining about our hair being too long for ages now, so it was finally time to let some lady boys cut our hair. Funnily enough Greg did have a lady boy cutting his hair, whereas I just had a normal woman doing mine. The lady boy took ages with Greg’s hair, so I had to sit around waiting for him for about 45 minutes once I was done, but it was finally out the way and my hair was not annoying me as it was before. After that little adventure, we went back to the beach to meet up with the girls and they were very impressed with our ‘smart haircuts’ and we all sat down for our last full day on this beach, interrupted every now and again for a little kick around. The weather wasn’t too great today so we didn’t hang around until sunset, and instead went back to the rooms and hung out there for a while. My mother will be arriving on a 9pm flight tonight, and as I haven’t seen her in such a long time I will be going solo to the airport, the 3 of them went out to dinner and shopping as I got ready to head to the airport. I jumped on a motorbike taxi at half 8 and got to the airport in time to see her land and only had to wait about 20 minutes before seeing my Mummy after being away for so long! What another bizarre entrance to Thailand, first feds, then Greg, then Pops, then Bex and now her, crazy times. It was good to see her again, and we had a nice long catch up in the cab and then sat down at the hotel for a few cocktails before those guys made it back from shopping and we all had a few drinks together, and me and Mum had some fish for dinner. She was obviously tired from the flight and stuff so she headed off to bed not too late and we all stayed up a bit longer but not too long as we have to get up early for check out tomorrow.

Day 213 – Thursday 23rd August

We all got up just before 11 today in time for check out, Mum decided to pay a half night’s rent and keep her room until 5 so we just threw all our shit in there and worried about packing later. We then hit the beach to give Mum her first taste of island life in Thailand, since being in Phuket for Pops’ conception all those years ago. The sun was shining and we all managed to lay about there for a while with our smoothies and magazines. Mum and Bex got massages at one point as sitting on the beach is so stressful. Eventually it got late enough that I had to get packing, the bus came at quarter to 3, half an hour before schedule, so I had to just throw everything in as quick as possible and rush out on to our bus. The bus took about an hour despite us only being 10 minutes from the port, due to the need for picking up the whole island of Samui on the way, including a bunch of loud obnoxious Italians who were so fucking annoying! Once we got off that we jumped on our boat and sat downstairs which was pretty much open air and was completely empty so we all lied down for a quick nap. The boat didn’t take longer than an hour but once we got off a storm was brewing and we were sure to get completely soaked on the way to our hotel on the other side of the island. Due to the remote location of where we’re staying, the girls and Greg headed off to pick up a load of snacks and drinks for the next couple of days before I managed to find the last covered minibus left, thank fuck as the rain was absolutely ridiculous and we would’ve drowned had we been on an open bus. The driver took us to the beach next to ours, as we have to get a boat to get to our remote beach but due to the current insane storm conditions, the driver just left us stranded and wet on this random beach. So we had nothing to do but sit in a restaurant and have a beer and some food. We got the waitress to phone the hotel for us and get them to send a pick-up truck for us, as you can drive there but you need a 4 by 4 and it’s a very bumpy road. Me and Greg knew all too well as we had to sit in the back in the open truck getting completely soaked getting bounced around all over the place on the drive there. So finally, after hours of crazy journeys and waiting in the rain and stuff we finally made it here to smile bungalows, and all of us were very happy to see it. We’ve got two family bungalows, one for the boys and one for the guys and they’re perfect. So all we had left to do was crack on with the gin and play some charades before all going to bed much earlier than usual, due to the place being much darker than usual and a lack of internet!

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Railay and on to Phi Phi

Day 203 – Monday 13th August

Our second full day here on Railay started pretty much the same as the first, Pops was first up and she headed straight off for the beach while me and Greg took our time and had some food and met her in the afternoon. Once there we decided to try and find a nicer beach (the one we were on was really busy and had a lot of boat traffic) but unfortunately the only one we could find was really rocky so we headed straight back to our original position. Those 2 spent the afternoon sitting in the shade nursing those burns of yesterday while I got my tan on, eventually Greg did get a Frisbee at one point which livened up the afternoon, along with my secret mission of trying to steal one of the hotel towels which was successful. After tiring ourselves out running all over the place trying to catch the Frisbee, we spent the rest of the afternoon and sunset lying on our towels and taking some pics of the view. Before we left me and Pops did manage to find a paddle and ball set, so we played that for a while then headed off before it got dark and we picked up Pops’ ticket to Phuket tomorrow where she will be meeting up with Bex. When we got home, we all sat around playing a card game before everyone got mad at me for winning all the time, hopefully Bex fairs better when she gets here. We then went out to dinner at the same place as yesterday and we used their free wifi to check for places on Phi Phi Island, where we are headed in a couple days. Then we went home and Pops did her packing and got to bed early for a 6am wake up tomorrow. Me and Greg stayed up for a while playing some cards and watched a movie and got our typical chicken baguette midnight snack.

Day 204 – Tuesday 14th August

Once we made it up today, Pops was long gone, she was probably all the way in Phuket by then. We had a lazy breakfast in the hotel and after managing to waste ages doing sitting in the hammocks after that, we headed off to find a different beach. This place got such a good review from people I’ve met and so far we really can’t see why, so we saw a sign to a lagoon and assumed that must be the place to be. Once we made it we found out the lagoon was at the top of a hill, and Greg’s feet hurt so we gave it a miss and carried on walking. After passing a gang of about 30 monkeys all walking around on the path and ransacking dustbins we eventually made it to the end of this hidden path and found this absolutely amazing beach. Unlike everywhere else, the sea was actually deep and you didn’t have to walk out for hours trying to get chest deep, on top of that the sand was white and the place was pretty much empty. All in all it was fucking beautiful and it’s very bad luck we found it so late, but we had a good afternoon chilling and swimming and playing Frisbee and stuff. Then the epic sunset came and we realised we were definitely on the right beach, then we headed off back home to buy our ferry ticket to Phi Phi tomorrow where we will meet up with the girls. After getting showered and starting to pack we went for dinner at the same place again, it has such nice food and is one of the few cheap places near us, and it’s got wifi as well. I finally wrote the blog, sorry for being so fucking useless guys, I always want to sit down and do it, but when there’s 3 or 4 of us, it’s quite hard to get long enough to myself to get it done. After getting most of our packing done, we sat down to watch star wars, a film Greg has never seen before which is completely outrageous! Anyway I managed to convince him it was the best film, and of course he loved it. We got to bed a bit earlier than usual in order to not feel too shit for the early boat trip tomorrow. I’m very sad to leave Railay now, after finding that beach it has completely changed my opinion on this place, hopefully Phi Phi lives up to expectations.

Day 205 – Wednesday 15th August

Phew, today was a very long day, so much to tell! So we got up bright and early got all our shit together and after having to carry Pops’ bag to the boat we turned up positively sweaty and we still had a 30 minute wait in the sun before our long tail boats took us out to the ferry. Luckily we were stuck in the boat with a group of fucking scouse retards, on the way to the ferry they shit a brick saying there’s no way they would change boats, despite the fact that they tie them together and carry your bag for you and it’s only a 10 cm gap, safe to say they ruined the trip with their bloody whining. Once on, the boat took about an hour and a half, Greg spent the time sleeping, and I sat on top deck trying to catch some more sun. The best part of the journey was when we were pulling up to phi phi, we saw phi phi leh (the island used in the filming of ‘the beach’) which is absolutely spectacular, and one day we’ll go on it and check out all the sights. So we pulled in to the pier and the girls were waiting there having only made it in 30 minutes before, so all worked out fine. Next we had to sort out somewhere to stay, something which is known to be very difficult if you have nothing booked, after checking out all the places we settled for a couple of beach huts with sea view and unfortunately no pool. After dropping off all our things we got changed in to our swimming attire and headed down the coast to the more popular part of the beach (our end is covered in rubbish!). The beach isn’t half bad, but even with the tide in you can ‘t get deeper than knee deep in the sea, and we saw people walk miles out and still not be any deeper, so doing any sort of swimming was fucking impossible, and we thought Railay was bad! It wasn’t half bad for playing Frisbee, and after hanging out with this Frisbee enthusiast for a while we got back down to the important business of lying down doing nothing. We did wait for the sunset, then headed back to the room where we got an even better view of it, we all got showered and dolled up for our first night out on the town. After a quick round of cards, where I won as usual, we had dinner at this really nice Indian restaurant then headed to reggae bar where they have a boxing ring in the middle and they encourage the public to jump in and have a fight and get free drinks. Safe to say it’s fucking hilarious seeing these people not know how to fight really go for it, we stayed there for a few fights then went to an Irish bar to get ourselves a couple buckets (a cocktail in a bucket). After that, we dropped off Greg back home as he was too tired to come out, and we hit up all the ‘clubs’ on the beach. The whole night was really good, decent music and fun to party on a beach again, and everyone was having such a good time. After hanging out there for a while, we went back and hit the hay, as I said fucking long day!

Day 206 – Thursday 16th August

Bex and Pops managed to stay in bed just as late as us today, which was mind blowing! Those two then headed straight off to the beach and me and Greg got some food in the place next to us on the beach, where we found out that Van Persie had just left Arsenal for United, we all knew it was eventually coming, but it doesn’t make it any less funny! Sorry guys if you don’t know what I’m on about, football. So after that great start to the day, we went down to the beach to meet up with the ladies, and today the tide was out, and you couldn’t imagine how fucking far away the water was, which was so annoying, I hate being on the beach and not being able to even go swimming. The clouds also came out pretty much as soon as we arrived, so those 2 pissed off to find out information about going on a tour to Phi Phi leh tomorrow. We decided to stay on the beach and watch the crazy Chinese people trying to catch crabs in the shallow water, going crazy each time they came close to catching one or getting pinched. The sun never decided to come back out again so we went back home to meet up with them and find out the situation for the tour tomorrow. Unfortunately, the infamous cliff jump from the film is currently closed, and that’s the real reason I wanted to go. So we opted out of doing it, and we’ll find out from them how good it was. If you haven’t seen ‘The Beach’ it’s a bloody good film and Leo Dicaprio is fucking good in it, so everyone should watch it! Once again our 2 ladies got all dressed up for dinner and we went to a pretty expensive restaurant tonight, but it was super tasty and our waitress was bloody hot for a Thai girl. We all had a great time catching up and taking dumb photos there, before heading to the boxing bar to see more of the same as yesterday. Unfortunately, no one was ballsy enough to volunteer tonight so we left there pretty much straight away. I wanted to see if I could find someone doing trips for game fishing, so we have something to do while the girls go on the boat tour tomorrow, but there was only one place and it was insanely expensive, so we just ended up walking around the town seeing the sights and checking out the fishing potential of the jetty (forbidden!). We did manage to lose the girls, so we came back here to find them, and once they got back, me Pops and Bex all played a trivial pursuit style game which was a bloody good laugh. And guess who won, ditsy Pops over here! I’d expect better from a graduate Bex! Those two fucked off to bed early and me and Greg stayed up watching Apocalypse Now, which was 3 hours long, so we stopped about half way to finish it off tomorrow.

Day 207 – Friday 17th August

Woke up today to the biggest storm I’ve ever seen, it looked like another tsunami was coming our way! All I could think was that the girls must be having a pretty shit time in this weather on a tiny boat. By the time we got up, the streets were rivers and our balcony and all our stuff hanging up was completely soaked, so we took an educated decision to eat at the place closest to us, where we both got chicken burgers. By the time we got back to the room, it became clear that we ate 2 different burgers, as Greg was running to the toilet back and forth throwing it all back up again. While he passed out in bed, I sat down to watch the rest of Apocalyse Now, which was a pretty fucked up film, but still very good and obviously a classic, Martin Sheen’s best film. By now those 2 had made it back and they were saying they had a really good time, that I really don’t believe, but sure thing. The afternoon was spent with those 3 all asleep in their beds while I sat on my laptop watching movies and keeping dry and cosy. By the time the girls eventually got up (by the time it was dark) we all showered and got ready for another night out, needless to say Greg skipped it, opting for a quiet night in recovering. So us 3 hit the town, and went to a really tasty restaurant with great deals on pasta and pizza and headed back to that Irish bar to get a couple buckets. There we met these 2 mates travelling around Thailand for a month, who were seemingly desperate for some new company. One of them was off his rocker as he had taken way too much valium on the bus the day before and still hadn’t fully recovered, in simple terms he seemed very slow! The other guy really nice though, at least Bex thought so ;) while I had the spaz as my ‘wing man’ for the night. After polishing off our drinks we headed over to the beach clubs and the places were as busy as ever with a really good atmosphere tonight, the best part was when it started completely hosing it down, and us hard-core guys stayed in the rain as everyone ran off inside. I got fucking oaked, all my money and everything but it was well worth it. We stayed out partying the night away until they shut down the music around2, and after having to carry a stupendously drunk girl home, we got back and greg was still up so we chilled out for a bit before hitting the hay for our last full day tomorrow, and the start of the season!

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