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The end of Pai and back down to bangkok

Day 177 – Wednesday 18th July

Another day of a lot of bloody rain! Once we all eventually got up, around 3 this afternoon, we headed out to get some food at the amazing burger place down the road, unfortunately my budget’s taken a bit of a battering so I went for a less upmarket meal of spring rolls off a kart. After that we came back to the cover of our hut and watched a bit of TV and read for a little while, saw the news and the out of control situation going on in Syria at the moment. After that, Greg and feds had a little nap and we went out for dinner at a pretty fancy Italian restaurant, where we got some amazing pasta dishes and easily the best pizza I’ve had so far since going away. The food did take ages though; luckily we bought some cards so we spent the time playing shit head. After dinner we came back and watched ‘elephant’ a film about the columbine massacre, it was really tense but a bit to arty for my liking and they got loads of things wrong for example how the guys looked and at the end one of them shoots the other one, when what actually happened was they commit suicide together, it’s on CCTV. Obviously part of their arty take on the whole thing. Greg didn’t feel up for going out tonight so me and Feds hit a bar, which was nice haven’t had much Fedsy alone time recently. After spending a while at the bar, we came back and listened to some music before hitting the hay around 4.

Day 178 – Thursday 19th July

After another late start, and another day of fucking rain, we decided to pick up supplies for a picnic, we got some bread and tuna and crisps, but Greg wasn’t up for it so we stopped off to buy proper sandwiches, where Feds decided to cave as well, so it was a solo picnic for me back at the hut. After spending the afternoon sitting around doing nothing as usual, me and Greg got a bit restless and started to piss about with sticks of bamboo, when we realised they would be great weapons to be used on the train (we’ve heard some bad stories about bandits and the like) so we decided to go on a mission to find a machete and carve it into a spear. Unfortunately it was too late and the shop which sells knives was closed so we decided to just rent a scooter, why not? Pissed around driving about on that for a while before heading back to get some dinner. Tonight we all decided to go for street food for dinner, there’s always about 10 different sellers, so it means you can get a good variety of different and tasty Thai food. After that we picked up some brews and headed back to play some cards for a while before we all got a bit restless and decided to hit a bar. We started off at this little reggae bar where they were doing deals on buckets and they actually had a little club (really bizarre thing to see pretty much in the countryside) the club was dead though so we headed next door to our usual stomping ground of bamboo bar. There Feds put his moves on this one girl, and after a while me and Greg went for a little wander to pick up some more booze and check out what else Pai had to offer. After a while of pissing about we headed back to bamboo bar and Feds had left so we went back to find him at the room and unfortunately he was alone. Everyone was pretty wasted so we soon hit the hay.

Day 179 – Friday 20th July

We all woke up feeling a bit worse for wear today after last night’s antics, but one man was missing, Greg was nowhere to be seen, eventually he turned up having just been to get a massage to exorcise those hangover demons. After that went off to get a knife, and found a giant one being sold in the most random shop for only £2, but bamboo is way too strong and we’ve given up on the ridiculous idea of yesterday to make a spear out of it so we stopped hacking pretty quickly. This woman yesterday offered to take us fishing at a special lake which is stocked with tons of fish, so after picking up some food and waiting for the rain to finally ease up, Greg jumped on the back of her scooter and Feds on mine and we hit the road. Obviously once we got there it started raining like mad again, which probably scared the fish away, as after an hour and a half fishing in what has to be the easiest place to catch something we had absolutely nothing. Either that or the fact that the guy could only give us bread as bait rather than something the fish would actually enjoy eating! We left fishing around 6 which meant we made it back just in time to give the scooter back and not have to pay for an extra day, at least we actually did something today even if the mission was completely fruitless. Once we got back we went out for dinner at our favourite little burger joint where I got myself a double chicken and cheese, lovely! And after that we settled in for another night of playing some cards, after a while we went to a bar to be a bit social, but after a couple of drinks the police came to shut down both the bars so we were forced to head home around 2. Bit of a shame considering it’s our last night here, after staying up for a little bit more we all hit the hay to get some sleep before our mammoth journey back to Bangkok tomorrow.

Day 180 – Saturday 21st July

We all had to get up at 11 today in order to check out, which was not fun, but as me and Greg were first ready we headed down to the bus station to get our tickets to Chiang Mai, luckily we managed to get the last 3 seats on the 1 O’clock bus, which is the latest one we can get in order to make it on our train in time. After that we went to an internet café to print off our train tickets which we had booked online a couple of days ago. Once we made it to the bus station just before 1 to get going, surprise surprise it started to absolutely bucket down, great send off from Pai I guess. Anyway, got on the bus which took around 3 hours and we made it back to Chiang Mai, at the bus station we picked up a quick bite to eat then got a cab to the train station. Feds woke up today with a very painful behind so he was not feeling up for getting on a 15 hour train in 3rd class with me and Greg so he splashed out and upgraded himself to 2nd class sleeper (a good 3-4 classes above us). The train left at 5:30 and considering how cheap 3rd class was it really wasn’t that bad, the seats were well cushioned you could have all the windows open so it wasn’t too hot, and best of all the train was pretty empty so there was a lot of spare seats which meant we take up 3 each and put our feet up. All in all it was a lot nicer than China where every train is completely packed and the seats are rock solid, safe to say I was looking forward to the journey and I had company as well which is something I’m not that used to. After a couple of hours we headed down to go check on Feds and get some dinner in the process, it was funny walking through all the carriages from 9 up to 3 as each one is a class above the one before, so you leave from the depths of 3rd class and end up in feds’ carriage where he’s got 2 giant seats to himself, AC, a bed and plugs and on top of that he couldn’t join us for dinner as his was being brought to him, ridiculous! So me and Greg head back to our home and try and get beers which are 4 times more than normal so we decide to give it a miss and sat down to play some cards for a while. Around 10 Feds comes to visit us and we all go to the dinner cart as it closes at 11 and me and Greg need some food. The food was very good if not a little pricey, after finishing it all, we sat and played some cards, all 3 of us, before getting kicked out when they closed. So we all split up and go our separate ways and me and Greg play some more cards before the woman sitting in the block next to us started to get train sick and kept throwing up in a pringles can, then she fell asleep and managed to spill the sick all over the floor and her partner woke up and stepped right in to it, it was fucking hilarious. You don’t get scenes like that up in 1st class, I don’t know how it’s possible to get train sick but that woman had her face in the tube for a good 4 hours straight. We spent a couple more hours playing cards and watched a film before going to bed around 4 for a very bad night’s sleep.

Day 181 – Sunday 22nd July

After getting a maximum of about 2 hours sleep last night, I gave trying at around 8 as the train was due in at half past, but as is always the case with Asia, it was 2 hours late so we didn’t make it in to Bangkok until 10:30. Got off the train and met up with a very revived Feds who had had a great night’s sleep, and then we headed off to get a metro to our hostel. Due to the fact that Greg is going to Malaysia tomorrow and Feds is off back home the day after that we are going to stay at a hostel right next to the airport, and the easiest way to get there was to get on the metro and then high speed airport link and from there we got a short cab ride to our hostel, which we eventually found after the driver dropped us off in the wrong place. Once we got upgraded in to an ensuite room, we all had showers (something which was very welcomed) and went to bed around 2 for a much needed nap. Once we eventually got up, we headed out to get some dinner, which involved crossing over the motorway to what was seemingly the only restaurant for miles. Safe to say we aren’t staying in one of the most appealing areas of Bangkok, and that’s saying something for what is a pretty shitty city anyway. After dinner we headed back to spend the rest of the evening chilling out on the roof terrace watching all the planes take off and land (one pretty much every minute) and play cards of course. Then at half 10ish I had a Skype session with the fam including Charlie, Max and Tilly (nephews and niece) who had popped down for a visit to London with Helen, very nice to see all their smiling faces, even if they were a bit distracted by the PlayStation in my room , boys will be boys! We then played a bit more cards and sorted out Greg’s hostel for Malaysia tomorrow (he’s only going for a couple of days to catch the Arsenal match) and watched the big lebowski with Feds before going to bed.

Day 182 – Monday 23rd July

Got woken up by the hotel owner at around half 9 this morning as he wanted us to change to a 2 man room now Greg has gone, poor bastard had to get up at half 4 to get to the airport in time for his flight. Which is completely ridiculous as the entire place is empty and it just means he’ll have to change twice as many sheets and we won’t be in such a nice room. So we got all our shit packed up and moved in next door before he gave us our complimentary breakfast (a shitty sandwich and some inedible biscuits) and we went back to bed. Once we got up I realised that I had left my watch in the room, so after looking everywhere we decided it must have been the housekeeper that took it, but the man said she was off now and wouldn’t be back until 10 tomorrow (after we leave) so I’ve lost that, after managing not to lose it for so long it’s a bit of a bummer. Once we got up we just spent ages pissing about on the internet and taking it easy, not only is there nothing for us to do out here in the middle of nowhere but it is also very hot so the safest thing to do is put your feet up. We did eventually go out for some food and found this cool fish restaurant where I got a huge bowl of miscellaneous fish, it was bloody tasty though and Feds opted for some Chinese noodles which were seemingly inedible before we headed back to the safety of our airport hostel. After a few more hours procrastinating it was dinner time and we went back to the same place as last night and got some nice food and picked up a few beer before spending our last night together just shooting the shit and watching the living daylights (my favourite James Bond). Really going to miss that Fedsy boy, just seeing him reminds me how long I’ve been away, and the fact that I have to wait so many months to see anyone from home, but I’ve had a good time with him and couldn’t be more grateful that he booked a flight all the way out here to come see me and I hope he had a really good time! See you soon man!

Sorry for the late update guys, I'll try and keep on track from now on

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Moving on to Pai

Day 173 – Saturday 14th July

Got up bright and early today to check out of our shitty hostel and move in to our nice air conditioned hotel. Got there and dropped off our bags and headed downstairs to get some food then went straight back up to the room to feel cold for the first time in ages. All we really did for the rest of the day was sit around listening to music, watching a bit of TV and napping. We eventually got up (around 8) we headed out to show Feds the night market. He picked up a couple of souvenirs for the family, and we looked around for a while but didn’t really find what we were all looking for so we headed back to the room with a dirty, cheap bottle of gin and sat around drinking for a while. We headed off to get a midnight snack at Mcd’s and then stopped off at a bar on the way back where we had our first chat with a lady boy, Patricia (probably Patrick). She/he was super flirty and touchy feely but it was still pretty funny if a little awkward. She kept suggesting coming to our room and stuff, we did manage to ditch him eventually and headed back to the room for a couple of hours before hitting the hay. Very boring day!

Day 174 – Sunday 15th July

Patricia gave us some advice last night to go to a place called monkey school where you can play around with monkeys and watch them do silly monkey stuff. So we got up and left the hotel and picked up a driver to take us there, and boy was it absolutely brilliant. Never thought anything would compare to tiger kingdom, but this place was bloody close! We walked in and got met by a monkey who shook our hands then the guy told us to sit down, and the monkey jumped on our shoulders then gave us all a kiss. Unfortunately when he sat on my shoulders he went spread eagle and I had his little monkey penis on my ear, not very nice! So funny how human like they are, then we played with a little baby monkey before the main event started. They basically put on a show every 30 minutes or so, just showing off all the monkeys’ ridiculous skills. We saw a monkey untie a rope around my wrists, then a monkey do push ups and sit ups, saw one pick up numbers when someone shouted a number from the crowd, a monkey slam dunk, and throw a ball in the net from far away. And last but not least a silly monkey riding a bicycle, what is he doing? They’re meant for humans you silly little monkey! The whole show was just so funny, and despite it maybe being a bit of a cruel place with all the monkeys on chains, it really didn’t matter as they were just too funny! All the trainers seem relatively friendly as well, after we walked around a bit more, we went to the golf course. Me and Greg aren’t very good and haven’t played for a long time, but it was Feds’ first time so we didn’t seem half bad! We didn’t go any further than the driving range, so we couldn’t really embarrass ourselves too much, it was good fun though. Then we got our ‘driver’ to take us to the train station where we bought some tickets for a train back to Bangkok in a few days after we get back from Pai (more on that later). We went for 3rd class which should be a good laugh, can’t be worse than the trains in India to be honest. After that we went back home and sorted through all the pics of the monkeys and wrote the blog, then we headed off for dinner. We got some really nice Thai food, then headed off to the night market again to see if there was anything we missed. I picked up some glasses and Feds picked up a DVD before we went to a bar. Patricia was there again and we had some more fun just playing connect 4 and all trying to avoid her getting too close, bloody hard mission. Its part of Thailand I guess! Eventually headed off to McDonald’s again for our late night stack then all stayed up till around 4 shooting the shit.

Day 175 – Monday 16th July

Had to get up at 11 today to get ready and checked out of our hostel, unfortunately the key was broken so we lost the deposit on that. Eventually got going to the bus station to jump on a 12:30 bus to Pai which is just a few hours north of here, famed for being a very laid back and a much cooler (temperature) place. Unfortunately the bus was full so we had to sit around for an hour to get on the 1:30 bus. The bus took about 3 hours, which was very quick, the driver was a complete nutter it was awesome, on these windy ass mountain roads he just wouldn’t take his foot off the accelerator. We did also stop for some lunch on the way, eventually made it here around half 4 and then after a quick walk around we found a really nice place which was dirt cheap. It’s a huge room with a giant bathroom and a really cool balcony surrounded by forest, and somehow it was only £6 for all of us! We had to pick straws for who would share a bed as we have a double bed and a triple; luckily I won so I get the double bed while those 2 have to share. We chilled out on our nice balcony for a while before heading out for dinner at ‘Burger Queen’ where they make the most incredible burgers. They’re all done on the grill in front of you and it’s all home-made, I got a double beef burger with bacon and cheese and onions, fucking brilliant! After that we came back to spend the night chilling on the balcony drinking and playing cards. Then we headed off to get some street food, got some chicken and pork on a stick then made friends with this woman selling chicken nuggets and she gave us some free banana fritters. After that we hit a bar, then stopped off at the room before checking out this other bar and got back and went to bed around 4.

Day 176 – Tuesday 17th July

Woke up with a pretty bad hangover today after polishing off way too much gin tomorrow, plus whatever else we had. But I was forced out of bed around 1 so we could all go and get some breakfast, at this really nice little tea house down the road. They had about 200 different types of tea on the menu as well as lots of normal food as well and the seats were swings, great little place. Wasn’t really in the mood for eating (for obvious reasons) but eventually got over my illness and forced down some tasty pesto pasta. After that we came back to our hut as it was raining and there was nowhere we could really go so we spent the entire afternoon just sitting under cover and watching lots of shit on the internet. Once we finally managed to get some strength and move from our seat we went out to get some steaks for dinner. They only had one good steak left and Greg beat me at rock, paper, scissors so he got that one and I was stuck with the shitty tough one, it wasn’t awful though. Been eating pretty much only western food the last few days which has been a nice change. After that we came back to the hut to have some more beers and yes it was still raining, this whole day has been a complete washout! We did force ourselves out to a bar eventually where we played cards for a while, then when we came back from there we sat down to watch ‘The Breakfast Club’ which Feds has never seen before, which I found disgraceful so we had to watch it. Unsurprisingly he loved it as it’s literally the best teen film, and if anyone hasn’t seen it, definitely worth a watch. After that we sat up for a while longer, and got abused by this bloody cat who just won’t leave us alone and whenever we tried to get rid of it, it just wouldn’t stop meowing for ages, wanted to shoot the bloody thing.

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Chiang Mai, tigers and sleeping!

Day 170 – Wednesday 11th July

Got up at 11 today and we had our last meal cooked by Rose, going to miss her amazing cooking so much, forced down as much as I could. After getting all our washing back, we packed and were ready to go around half 12. Martin is going to Khon Kaen to give some speech or another so we’re going there with him. First we got a pick-up truck in to the village, then after about an hour wait the bus came. We’ve had such a good few days hanging out here with Martin and their family, it’s been beyond relaxing and such a nice way to get in to the feel of Thailand, unfortunately we didn’t learn any of the language (due to it being impossible!) but we did try an array of great Thai food. Either way, very sad to say goodbye, and if I end up in the area again while I’m in Thailand, I will be sure to go back and say hello. So we got on our hour bus in to Khon Kaen where we said goodbye to Martin and booked ourselves on the bus to Chiang Mai, which doesn’t leave until 7, so we had a good 3-4 hours to kill. We dropped our bags off at the bus station then headed to our hotel we stayed at when we first got here to steal their Wi-Fi and find out what to do for a few hours. We found a mall online that didn’t look too far away, so we headed there, and it turned out to be right next to the hotel Feds stayed at when he came here 5 years ago, weird. We just walked about for a couple hours checking out what they had to sell and just killing time. Eventually we sat down for lunch, and after wasting as much time as we could in the mall we headed back to the bus station. Luckily we only had about a 30 minute wait before getting on. Unfortunately we were sharing the bus with these 3 menopausal Spanish bitches (excuse the language but they were so annoying) they kept complaining about everything and I mean everything! Wish I couldn’t understand Spanish because I would’ve loved to just be able to ignore them, luckily the driver put minority report on the TV in Thai, which probably made the film better, not sure it could be any worse! That distracted my attention for a while, before that lot eventually fell asleep. Feds also fell asleep relatively quickly, that much can’t be said for me, so I just spent the journey listening to music and staring out the window at the most incredible storm, there was constant lightning for a good 2 hours it was amazing. Not much else really happened on the journey and we made it in to Chiang Mai at 6 in the morning.

Day 171 – Thursday 12th July

After getting in to the bus station ridiculously early this morning, feeling very tired, we hopped in a cab to our hostel located in the old town. The room wasn’t going to be ready until 10, so we dropped off our stuff and had showers, then headed out in to town where we found some food and an amazing book shop which literally sold everything you could think of with the owner knowing exactly where every book was. We picked up 4 books, and then headed back to the hostel to wait for another hour or so before we eventually got in to the room. Greg’s plane is arriving in to the airport just before 12, and he’s just texted us saying his bag was lost on the flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok, bummer. Luckily though, just before we were about to leave for the airport the hostel got a call saying the bag was on the next flight and it would be arriving later in the afternoon. So we headed off to the airport, and Greg made it in just before 12, very weird seeing him, but not as bizarre as when feds arrived, I guess I’m now used to seeing friends arriving here on the other side of the world. I just feel so old that we can all meet up in this far off land, for a holiday, its absolutely brilliant. So we all headed out of the airport to a very hot day (which was a shock for Greg) and got a cab back to the hostel, after sitting down for a while adjusting to having everyone here and writing the blog, we all went out to get some food. After lunch, me and Greg had a much needed nap for a couple of hours. After that, we all went out to get some dinner at this really cool little restaurant, and it started to rain like mad mid-way through the meal, which was a really cool sight, especially considering we were under cover and it finally made this place a bit cooler. Chiang Mai is a very touristy place compared to where we’ve just come from, which is a bit of a shame, it means everything is a lot more expensive and a lot less authentic, but we’re a good 2 months in to low season so it’s not teeming with ‘Gap Yah’ students which is a relief. After dinner we just got some beers and hung out in the hostel and caught up on all the goings on, and those 2 spoke a lot about music, something I’m not too clued up on. Good for DJ feds as someone can actually relate to all the stuff he listens to while I just sit there nodding every now and again when I hear a name I recognize. We eventually hit the hay around half 2, we’re going to go see some tigers tomorrow which should be awesome.

Day 172 – Friday 13th July (spooky)

None of us had a lie in this morning and we all got up very early, not for the want of trying, but due to the bloody room being so hot and not having any AC, something that we will change soon enough. We got going straight away to go see ‘Tiger Kingdom’ after a quick breakfast, the journey took around 40 minutes, and Greg kept falling asleep on the way, I guess some of us are more excited about seeing tigers than others (or he’s just jetlagged). Once we made it, we were all very excited to get up close and personal with some tigers, and after getting ripped off for a ticket and having to sit in the waiting room for around 10 minutes we finally got let in. This place is very special as unlike a zoo you are actually allowed to get in the cage with the tigers and play around with them, you have a choice between; big, medium, small and smallest. We all chose the smallest tiger, for obvious reasons as they’re so small and cute. We headed straight to the smallest tiger enclosure and quickly found out everyone else had the same idea as us, and we were very far down on a very long list of people waiting. So we headed round to go check out what all the other tigers are like, I quickly began to regret my decision for picking the smallest tiger as the small ones and even the medium ones were relatively playful and you could stroke them loads. The big ones still seemed a bit pointless as you had to stand behind them and all you could really do was pose for pictures rather than play with them. After sitting around for what seemed like forever we were finally let in to the smallest enclosure and I quickly realized that we had definitely made the right choice picking these tigers, they were so silly and cute. Our trainer led us to our little guy who was hiding under a table when we got there, but quickly came out and burst in to life jumping all over us and absolutely loving getting stroked. One of the other group’s tigers also came to play with us, so we had 2 for a while, but he was quickly dragged away by the trainer. After getting a few customary pictures and literally not stopping smiling for the entire time, the 2 baby tigers then started to play fight which was so funny. It was all over so fast and after a couple final photos of the little guy we were led out of the enclosure just ridiculously happy with what the last 15 minutes had brought. All in all just a bloody awesome experience, but unfortunately we did have to leave and hopped back in our cab to the centre where (you guessed it) we headed straight to bed for a nap. When we got up Feds wasn’t feeling 100%, probably due to this ridiculous heat and the fact that we have no way to cool down in our shitty room. So me and Greg headed off to go see the night market and find a hotel to change to tomorrow. The night market is very big but all the stalls are selling the same trash, and none of it I really needed. But we did manage to pick up a really nice, really good quality fake Rolex for Greg, which we managed to haggle down from over £50 to £20ish, which is a bloody good deal for such a good fake. We walked around for a bit more not really finding much, and then spent about an hour looking around at all the hotels in Chiang Mai trying to find one in our budget that was also relatively nice, and most importantly cold! We eventually did find one which was nice, so we will move there tomorrow morning, after a quick bite to eat we headed back to the hostel to check on Fedsy. He still wasn’t feeling perfect, and sleep was probably the best remedy so after sitting around for a bit he hit the hay, and me and Greg stayed up for a little bit having a couple of beers, before going to Macdonald’s at 3 in the morning as we were both hungry and nothing else was open at that time. Came back from that and went to bed for another early wake up tomorrow to check out before 10, Fuck!

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Martin's house

Day 166 – Saturday 7th July

Woke up in our super fancy hotel after getting an amazing sleep on their really comfortable beds and feeling much better than I have been the last few days. Once both up and showered, me and Feds headed to the local bus station just down the road to hop on our bus to the nearest village to Martin’s house (can’t remember what it’s called). We quickly found the bus, described as the ‘purple bus’ so it was hard to miss! Unfortunately, we had to wait 40 minutes before it left, which meant a very hot and sweaty time sitting on this shoddy bus, a far cry from the coach we got from Bangkok! I decided to try some of the food that some people were carrying around, it turned out to be a log of sticky rice wrapped in paper, not very nice, always good to try all the local shit though, and now I know what to avoid! The bus took about an hour, and then we hopped on a pick-up truck to go the rest of the way to his house. And boy what a place it was, set in this tiny little village with only one road, this little house set on stilts with trees and forest all around, fucking beautiful. The downstairs is the kitchen/eating area with a toilet in the far corner, and the upstairs is where our room was. Can’t express how cool this little place was, we instantly knew we’d be staying here for a few days. So we dropped off our bags and went with Martin’s wife (Rose) to go find Martin, and bumped into him on the way back from the farm, he’s a proper northern lad who despite living here has lost none of it and swears like a motherfucker. He then gave us a quick debrief of his situation (Feds has met him before, so nothing new for him) he basically came to Thailand to go travelling, and quickly ran out of money, met Rose and then moved out into the countryside with her and eventually buying some land. In the meantime he became a bloody celebrity in Thailand! Still unsure about how it all happened, but he’s often on TV and apart from farming his job is to give speeches to Thai people and just get paid for talking basically. He took us on a tour of his land, and explained all the info behind how to farm rice, before Rose ran down to the farm to grab him for a speech in the village chief’s town hall as it were. Completely bizarre, we went to watch him as he spoke perfect Thai and made all these uni students from the local city (Khon Kaen) laugh their asses off. After that whole bizarre situation, we went back to the house to have an amazing dinner (Rose is an awesome cook) something I was really looking forward to before coming here. After that, we chatted to Martin for a bit, then we sat up for a while just talking shit like the good old days in London.

Day 167 – Sunday 8th July

Had a monster sleep last night, think I’ve just got in to the chilled out mind frame that comes with living out here in the middle of nowhere in Thailand. Once I got up, Rose had food already, safe to say it was fucking tasty, her cuisine is primarily Laos based, as they live relatively close to the border (it’s also the local dialect) which means I wouldn’t really be able to eat some of this stuff in the rest of Thailand. I then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in my hammock reading catch 22, haven’t had such a chilled out feeling since I left India, so nice to go back to laying back in the sun doing absolutely fuck all, Feds seemed to love it too. Unfortunately he didn’t feel 100%, probably mostly due to the crazy heat here, especially considering just how hot it is compared to London. So he hit the hay in the afternoon, so I was left all alone to read my book, which meant I could finally finish it, absolute classic! Couldn’t manage to get Feds out of bed for dinner but it wasn’t happening, so me and Martin ate alone, at least it gave me a chance to clear up exactly why he’s famous. Basically, a while ago the King was pushing a farming law or something, and Martin was used as a spokesman as it were (as I’ve made it clear, Asians are obsessed with Westerners) and from there he went on chat shows and all that jazz and basically just became a bit of a known face all around Thailand. He eventually stopped doing such big events, and now only gives speeches to more local crowds, although he is often on TV for certain things, his speeches consist of him telling people that they shouldn’t idolise the west so much, and he should know he used to live there and in his eyes now lives a life of paradise. I completely agree with what he’s telling them, the West is just a depressing place whereas Asia has so much life, and so many people would love to move to Thailand and just live a very stress free life, which is why so many do! It’s all very good as it should encourage young kids to learn how to farm rather than just aspire to work a shit job in Bangkok which is a complete shit hole especially compared to the beauty out here. After dinner, tried to set up Martin speaking to Ned and the family, but he was very poor at typing to say the least, obviously not used to writing in English so it didn’t last too long. After that I spent the rest of the night listening to Murray get fucked by Federer, how unbelievably predictable. In true British fashion he raised us all up before the fall as well, good man! Still, not bad being able to get internet out here in his little hut in the middle of nowhere.

Day 168 – Monday 9th July

Feds eventually woke up this morning around 8, after an absolutely incredible sleep of around 19 hours! He must really have been feeling shit, luckily the sleep cured it all and he was in much better spirits by the time I got up. Had another great meal, goes without saying now, but just can’t express how fucking happy I was to be fed all the time with such tasty stuff. Went to the local shop to get some beers (perfect summertime weather for a cold brew) shame they cost about a quid each, a far cry from the 20p of China! Then I spent the afternoon just sitting back in the hammock enjoying this perfect life. Feds went to bed to have a nap; some people just can’t stop sleeping seemingly! So I was left there with nothing else to do but lay back and have a kip in my hammock, what a bloody tough life! I eventually got up around half 7 to the smell of Rose’s dinner being ready. Went upstairs and managed to get Feds out of bed to have some food and we had a good chat with Martin, the guy’s incredible he’s barely spoken English for 20 years, yet once you get him going he can’t stop, and he’s got a lot of bloody interesting shit to say. Today went ridiculously quickly, probably due to the 3 hour nap more than anything! Luckily Feds didn’t go to bed early tonight, so we could stay up and have another one of our classic chats about life, the universe and everything… and the question of infinity. I could so easily live this life, spend all day chilling out, doing a bit of farming every now and again, sitting on the internet for a while and getting cooked some amazing food, I don’t see how it could get any better than this!

Day 169 – Tuesday 10th July

It’s our last full day here at Martin’s today, so we decided to go out in true fashion and spend the entire day doing fuck all. Eventually got up around 12 to Rose laughing at me saying ‘good morning’ luckily she had some amazing food waiting for me on the table! Then around 2, Martin had to give a speech to 50 old male farmers, who all crammed in to his front garden half on seats and the others walking around pissing about with the chickens. I think they were all a bit drunk; they were all smoking like chimneys as well, old Asian men what can you do? Either way, they seemed to love his speech as he couldn’t stop making them laugh, he later admitted that he didn’t talk about farming at all, but just stood there and took the piss for a good half hour. Unfortunately as payment they only left him a picture of the king (don’t get me wrong that’s a great present) but seems like a bit of a cop out when you’re in the presence of a major celebrity! Either way, it started to absolutely piss down as they left, probably karma, which it’s been threatening to do for days now, we seem to get thunder every night but it’s never really rained that much. Didn’t even attempt to pick up a book or anything today, just too strenuous, I did try sunbathing for a while, but in the heat it’s way too hot and after about 20 minutes I had left a massive sweat stain on their mat in the shape of Joe, so had a quick shower and gave up on that little adventure. Then spent what was left of the day lying back in the hammock before dinner was eventually served. Luckily Rose did all our washing today, unfortunately she did it by hand, and some of my articles of clothing are just not very nice (try keeping clothes in a good state after a 24 hour train in 37 degrees!) so I felt very bad that she did that, but I did have a lot of nice clean clothes, so that feeling didn’t last too long. After dinner, me and feds spent the rest of the evening having one of our ridiculous chats (about the universe) and eventually hit the hay. I’m so sad that we have to leave this place, but the food and the general atmosphere has definitely got me excited for what’s to come from the rest of Thailand, off to Chiang Mai tomorrow!

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