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Sea, sand, sisters and heading down South!

Day 199 – Thursday 9th August

After sleeping for pretty much no time at all, I had to wake up at 6 this morning in order to get to the airport to meet up with Pops. Once I’d crawled out of bed I hopped on the trains to the airport, something I seem to have done so many times now, once I got there I headed up to the arrivals gate. Unfortunately I was a bit late and she was already waiting downstairs, so after waiting in vain for her at arrivals for about 40 minutes I went downstairs to meet her where we had agreed. So here she is, Pops has arrived to Thailand, and her first stop was straight to the hostel and back to bed for me. Pops came in to wake me up at 2 as she felt I had slept enough, and we headed off to go visit one of Bangkok’s giant malls. This time we decided to head to an all fake mall rather than the expensive ones. We walked around for a few hours all buying different stuff, Greg bought me some amazing headphones for an early birthday present, and we headed home just as it started to rain, typical. Once we got back Pops moved in to our dorm and we all sat around for a while waiting for the rain to die down, catching up with pops on everything. Once it got dark we headed off to go see a couple of Bangkok’s night time attractions, we managed to get a taxi to the grand palace after trying to say it about 10 times in Thai, and we tried to go see the giant reclining Buddha but the closing time was earlier than we had been told so we couldn’t get in. Instead, we headed over to the river to catch a view of the big famous temple, can’t remember what it’s called but it looked really nice at night. After that little culture session, we came back to grab a bite to eat close to home, and we ended up at a ridiculously overpriced restaurant with tiny portions and huge prices, the food was good though. After dinner we headed back to chat for a little while before Pops heading off to bed and me and Greg staying up for a while longer watching shit on the internet.

Day 200 – Friday 10th August

Bloody hell, 200 days that’s a bloody long time! Just sitting here on our 12 hour train down South, finally. After an early wake up, due to our new roommates making a racket when they came in, we all headed our separate ways for the day. Greg went back to the mall we saw yesterday to try and get his iPhone fixed, and me and Pops went to see Jim Thompson’s house, a famous American who had a really nice house in Thailand. Once I’d got all my stuff packed, we went off to the metro station after stopping for some really nice Thai food, and headed over to see what the fuss is all about. Long story short, Jim, was conscripted here during the war, and after the war finished he stayed in Thailand and started selling silk on the international market and making lots of money, and due to the fact that he was an architect he used the money to construct a really cool house. Sorry for the terrible history lesson, but the house was really nice and our Thai guide (ridiculous accent included) was very fun, oh yeah Jim mysteriously disappeared when he turned 61, something that was predicted by one of his horoscopes or something (crazy). We took a quick browse through the shop and headed home, so nice to be spending time with my big sister again, lots of stuff that we need to talk about, she never reads the blog so there’s lots to fill her in with. Greg had also made it back with a freshly fixed phone, so we went out to get some food, and all too soon it was time for us to head to the train station for our 7:30 train to Surat Thani. After a very sweaty journey of running around with our huge bags, we made it to the station with about 5 minutes to spare and sat in our seats. The train was completely full, I think due to it being a bank holiday this weekend, so we didn’t have any space to lie down or play cards, so we were reduced to games such as ‘I spy’ to keep us going. The train did go relatively quick though, apart from when we broke down for about an hour and had to stop tons of times after that.

Day 201 – Saturday 11th August

So the train was 3 hours late, I guess the Thais just haven’t got the efficiency of those Chinese! We made it in at half 10, then got on a bus in to town, where we almost crashed and grew flew off his seat, it was hilarious! That took about half an hour and then we got to town and the next bus wasn’t for an hour and a half and everyone was very tired and needing to sit down on the coach after the sleepless night on the train. We walked off to go get some food and a few extra munchies and water for the bus. Once we came back to the bus everyone had got on early due to anticipation of the bus being overcrowded, which it was but the conductor man got us a couple of seats and we got going on our 4 hour journey to Krabi! The coach was completely packed the whole way there, the aisles full and people sitting 3 to a 2 person seat, but we all managed to sleep for most of it, only annoying thing was that we didn’t make it until half 4 and we still had to get a 30 minute taxi to the port and wait half an hour for our boat, and we finally make it to Railay at 6ish. The beach was nothing spectacular, and we’d arrived on the good side! After walking across the island we arrived on the affordable side which consisted of a rocky beach and mangroves and filthy water, none of us too impressed! Either way we had to stay here as it was getting late and after walking around for an hour we also realised the place was completely full (due to the fore mentioned bank holiday) but we did eventually find one place with a free room and we put in an extra bed on a 2 person room and all finally had a shower! So we’re staying in a bamboo hut, which I’m happy about but we’re right up in the bloody mountains of the beach, as are all the places on this side of the island, because it’s shit! I’ve been told good things about this place, and for now I’m not really feeling it, but we will see how it is in the light of day tomorrow. After we all got washed we went for a meal in this really fancy restaurant on the beach, and it was pretty nice. After that we went to the shop to get some water and other supplies, and realised this place is a fucking rip off, all the shops charge like double or triple normal prices, it’s cheaper to buy drinks in a restaurant for crying out loud. After a drink in the local chill out bar, we went back for an early night, which we all needed.

Day 202 – Sunday 12 August

We all got up at separate times today and met up on the beach at different times. By the time I got up, Pops and Greg were gone so I took my time, ordered some food to be delivered to the room and got to the beach at 3. And what do I see, two bright red people lying down on the beach, burnt already! Ah well, I threw my stuff down and ran into the sea, I’ve been waiting to do that for so long now and it felt bloody good. After getting out and doing some sunbathing me and Greg went on an adventure to find the beach next door which is located around a cliff so it was a long and tiring swim to get there, but the beach was really cool and secluded. So I went to ask if any places had free rooms, but that failed so we went back to our beach this time by taking the walking route over the little cliff. The trip wasn’t completely in vain though we did manage to find a body board on the way which proved very useful as I didn’t have a towel and I didn’t want to get sandy by lying in the sand. We hung out at the beach until sunset and got a couple of pictures and headed off back to our shitty side. We all had showers and the headed out to dinner, and we found a nice looking restaurant with free wifi so we were sold, the food was bloody tasty as well. Once we finished eating Greg started watching an Arsenal match online (typical) and me and Pops searched online for places to stay when Mum comes out to visit in 10 days. At one point Greg went back to the room to get his ipad because his laptop had run out of battery, and he managed to miss one of the funniest scenes ever. So, this woman sees a snake on the floor and freaks out and jumps on her seat, and the waitress is like everyone get on your seats, and the woman gets super freaked out and then she screams and jumps on the table and knocks all their drinks off, Pops was laughing so loud literally 2 metres away from her. And then Greg walks in, steps over the snake not even realising and is completely baffled why everyone is on their seats, unlucky mate, it was fucking hilarious. After that drama, we came back to the room and played cards for a while before hitting the hay for some more beach times tomorrow.

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Day 196 – Monday 6th August

So here we are, somewhere new, Ayuthhaya! Got up at half 11 today to get checked out of our place in Kanchanaburi, this time for good, and after picking up our washing, we headed off to the bus station. We first had to get a 2 and a half hour bus to Suphanaburi before getting a one hour minivan to Ayutthaya. We’ve come here for a couple of reasons, firstly due to the fact that it sounds like quite a cool place and secondly it’s only an hour outside of Bangkok. So we eventually made it, and checked ourselves into seemingly the only hotel with a spare room, I guess low season doesn’t affect this place. After spending a while trying to find a light, we realised the room didn’t have one and headed out to dinner, where we had some crazy Thai waiter obsessed with the premier league giving us hum dingers to answer. Name 2 teams in the premier league starting and ending in the same letter (Liverpool, Aston Villa). Then name 3 teams from last season with a K in their name (Blackburn, Queens Park Rangers, Stoke). And last but not least, 3 teams with 3 o’s in their name in England (Brighton & Hove Albion, Stockport county, Peterborough Town). We managed the first and second one, but could only get one on the third which he wasn’t too impressed with as ‘you are from England!’ After having a quick chat with these 2 French guys who were bigging up Indonesia loads (my next stop) we headed back to the hotel to chill out there for a while. Luckily we did eventually find the light switch! So we didn’t really manage to see any of the town yet, but we did get here late and tomorrow we will go on a temple mission to see what all the hype is about.

Day 197 – Tuesday 7th August

After a long lie in, we headed straight out to get some food, and I got a chicken tikka masala which was a huge mistake, I think it’s the first time I’ve had Indian food since leaving India and no other country can cook curry quite like them. After that we came back to the room as I had realised that I really need to sort out this visa for Indonesia soon, as the only embassy is in Bangkok and we won’t be there for very long when we go back tomorrow. So I spent the afternoon looking into where the embassy is and stuff and booked a flight to Malaysia for a couple of months time, as they need proof you’ll be leaving the country at some point and I want to stay longer but the flight was only £20 and I need it to get a visa. So after doing that, I was all sorted and tomorrow we’ll get up early and head off to Bangkok to try and get it sorted, hopefully all goes to plan. After writing the blog, it was getting dark and there’s only one temple here which is open at night so we headed to that. On the way we saw a couple of old temples but nothing was lit up so it was hard to tell what they were, then when we arrived at our temple, the man at the desk just gave us a torch and let us in. It was awesome, we were the only people there in this creepy temple. After walking around a bit seeing everything lit up in this cool torch light and admiring all the crazy Thai statues and shit we headed off to go get some dinner. Tonight we avoided the all too keen man of yesterday and opted for the pizzeria instead, which was very tasty. After chilling out there for a while, we headed back to the room to watch a film and then headed to bed ready for an early wake up tomorrow.

Day 198 – Wednesday 8th August

Managed to miss the alarm this morning, and we didn’t manage to get up until half 11 which was a complete disgrace and meant we had to rush the hell out of there in order to get to Bangkok before the Indonesian embassy closed. We managed to both shower and pack in 20 minutes which must be some sort of record, and then headed off to the minibus stop to get a ride to Bangkok. After a 20 minute wait for the minibus to fill up, we headed off with our big bags on our laps, luckily it only took an hour so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Once we made it back here, we jumped on a train to the hostel we stayed at last time, then I dropped off my bags and ran off to the embassy, by this point it was almost 2 and the place closes at 3 and I only really had a vague idea of where it was. Luckily I knew what road it was on and after getting off the train I headed in the right direction and luckily the embassy was well signposted outside so it was easy to find. Went in there and asked to apply for a visa and as per fucking usual ‘we only take applications in the morning’ I don’t understand why they never think to write this shit on their website! Anyway, it takes 2 working days and this weekend is a bank holiday so I’d have to wait until Tuesday if I applied tomorrow, and I don’t want to do that so I’m going to give it a miss and just get ripped off for a visa on arrival and do a visa run up to Malaysia at some point. I’m sure it will all work itself out, I just wished I’d thought of it earlier, because I’ve had so many chances to apply for one in Bangkok. Whatever, so I headed back home and got some noodles on the way before I saw Greg who was waiting for me for food, woops! After we ate, we headed to the local bar to play some pool and have a couple beers whilst avoiding the lady boys. After hanging out there for a while, we spent some time sorting some shit on the internet and headed to dinner, where I got this epic surge of tiredness, so when we came back I went to bed. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it was only 10 and I normally go to bed much later I couldn’t sleep so after a while of tying and failing I got back up and sat up with Greg for a bit before going back to bed around 2, ready for a 6 wake up tomorrow to go fetch Pops for the airport, can’t wait!!!

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The end of Kanchanaburi

Day 193 – Friday 3rd August

We got up at 11 today to get all our shit packed up and finally get checked out of this place, finally! Last night we were too useless to come up with an official plan on what to do, but it was still early in the day so I sat down for about an hour just going over all our options and deciding what the hell we should do. Unfortunately, near us there isn’t too much, there’s a national park not too far away but the last bus back is at 4 and we haven’t booked accommodation there and we don’t want to be stuck with all the snakes all night. Apart from that there really doesn’t seem anywhere worth going, there are lots of day trip places (none of which we have seen) but apart from going to Bangkok and going somewhere from there, we have no options. So after finally being a bit proactive and getting checked out and everything, we had to check back in and now we’re stuck here for even longer! Safe to say the morning was completely wasted and we should have just had a very long lie in as usual. So we decided to just throw in the towel basically, at least we’ve still got our great floating room and Robbo’s bar of course…no…actually it was closed, for the second day in a row which is a complete fucking joke! So we had to go to another bar to get a full English this morning. After that we went back to our hotel to properly check back in and things, and get laughed at by the man at the desk. Then we though as we had got up and everything it would be silly to waste the day so we went on a little walk to find a fishing shop, and after asking a few people we eventually found it, and picked up some basic supplies to catch us some dinner. Once we got back to the room, I set up all the hooks and shit and then we threw our lines in off the balcony, and quickly realised it was impossible to fish here as the water is completely full of moss and stuff so the hook keeps getting caught. So that activity went down the drain pretty quickly after wasting a good 2 hours sorting everything out. At least we now have all the tools to go fishing when we eventually make it to the beach. After spending the rest of the afternoon just relaxing on the balcony, where we had sun for about 10 minutes which was insane, we eventually went for dinner at the pizzeria. After a nice meal we came back here for the typical movie watching night, clueless was on the box tonight, never realised growing up just how much of a piss-take it was. Surprising considering I must have seen it at least a million times (in joke for the Lodge family). After that we hit the hay for a 9am wake up tomorrow and we will actually be doing something worth writing about, hopefully!

Day 194 – Saturday 4th August

We got up at half 9 today like a couple of crazy people and walked to the train station. After buying a ticket for the end of the line (Nam Tok) we jumped on the train that was waiting on the platform, unfortunately this was just a tourist train which goes over the bridge and then comes straight back again, so we got chucked off at ‘the bridge over the river kwai’ stop. After waiting there for about an hour, our delayed train eventually turned up and we were finally on the ‘Death Railway’ although we weren’t going all the way to Burma. So we officially crossed the bridge on a train and then spent the next 2 and a half hours just on a train, not much really happening. We eventually got off at the end of the line and due to the delay it was too late for us to go to the national park and see Thailand’s most famous waterfall. So we had to opt instead for the waterfall which is only 10 minutes from Nam Tok train station, due to its ideal location and the fact it was a Saturday, the place was packed with locals having picnics and jumping in the waterfall and stuff. We left as soon as we saw the waterfall (really not impressive anyway) and went to the bus station to get a bus back home. The bus came pretty quickly and the drive only took about one and a half hours and we had made it back to Kanchanaburi and would you believe it the sun was out! So we took full advantage and walked home and went straight to bed for a 3 hour nap. When we did get up, we went to the pub for a dinner of full English breakfast, and it was fucking good, then we came back to our house and spent the rest of the night watching a couple movies, same same.

Day 195 – Sunday 5th August

After yesterday’s antics of a ridiculous amount of tourists we decided that it would probably be best to go see the waterfall another day and take Sunday off. After a much needed late lie in, we first dropped off all our washing and went to good old Robbo’s for breakfast. Unfortunately, not enough people had put in orders for Sunday lunch so we didn’t have the pleasure of having that this week. We played some more pool (I’m getting fucking good now) and eventually left his to go back and spend the rainy afternoon under cover. Once it stopped raining, we finally went swimming in our pool, we’ve managed to be here more than a week and not swim in it once! My trunks were in the wash so had to jump in my only pair of boxers left, big mistake. Can’t wait to be on the beach swimming and sunbathing every day, I feel like we made a huge mistake hanging around in the North, there’s a reason everyone goes to the beach as it really is the best part of Thailand, avoiding tourists is completely pointless now. At least Pops is coming in a few days and we’ll head down to a beach as soon as she does, unfortunately only one on the east of Bangkok, not all the way down to the famous islands. We will get there eventually though and I can’t fucking wait! We went back to our usual hang out for dinner and played a bit more pool and saw Murray shit on Federer, I’m still in complete shock about how many bloody medals we’re getting at the moment. We then settled in for the night out of the bloody rain for another movie night! At least we watched The Beach, it’s all about Thailand so it’s all relevant I guess although it is filed on the amazing beaches and just makes me sad that I’m not there. Going to get the hell out of here tomorrow I think!

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Day 189 – Monday 30th July

Today started a bit unusually with Greg waking me up at 1 eugh! We decided it would be a good idea to get up and actually do something so today we are going on a little mission to see the old bridge over the river Kwai. After waiting around for ages for Greg to finish his email to his family (after I’m told off for taking too long to write my blog) eventually he did get it done and we got on our way on the 5km walk to the bridge. If any of you don’t know of the film, basically this bridge was a famous bridge back in the day because it goes from Thailand through Burma and there was a film made about this particular bridge over the river Kwai. I haven’t watched it in ages, so can’t remember the specifics but there are POWs and stuff…it’s supposed to be a classic anyway. After a long walk, we made it to the bridge and after pissing around taking dumb pictures on the bridge and walking across it we were finished. The whole thing took about 10 minutes; firstly it’s not the bridge from the film! It’s a bloody modern steel one, disgraceful, and there were loads of tourists and it’s only a small bridge so not really much to do. Either way, it was cool to see it and get out the house for once! We decided to check out the museum next door and after paying 80p to get in we witnessed one of the worst museums ever, it made absolutely no sense whatsoever, here’s what lonely planet had to say; ‘one of the most eclectic and downright odd sites’ wish we’d read that before we paid to get in! We got out of the museum pretty much as soon as we went in, then we checked out getting a taxi boat back, but it was super expensive so we decided just to walk, and found some food on the way back in the cool little restaurant. Once we got left there it started raining (as per fucking usual) so we rushed back before it started pouring down, which it inevitably did. After waiting around for a while, we hit our usual joint of Robbo’s bar and got some good grub and played some more pool, man we sound fucking boring but I fucking love pool! We also saw Tom Daley’s retard partner cost him the gold medal, poor show Waterfield (or whatever his name is). After hanging out there for a while we came back to spend another night hanging out on our upstairs balcony of the house boat watching cool runnings, classic film.

Day 190 – Tuesday 31st July

Today we got up in the vibrant mood and decided it would be a good day to go play some golf, but as usual it started to rain! So yes we did get up at a reasonable hour and sat down to get all the directions for how to get to the golf course, but it was not to be, we decided to get some breakfast at the place just across the road to avoid the bloody soaking. After that we came back home and saw this giant lizard just swimming around next to our room (yes, that little is happening that I need to report on lizards). We decided that if we were just going to sit around and be useless cunts, we might as well fish! So we headed off to the fishing shop, and after a 30 minute walk we realised we must have gone the wrong way. Luckily we had walked straight in to the allied war cemetery, so we did manage to catch that sight at least, it’s kept ridiculously well, it’s a really nice plot, but surrounded by a bit of a shitty end in town. Either way, the fishing shop was nowhere to be found and it looked like it was about to rain, so we headed back and managed to finally pick up a lonely planet for a good price. Up until now we have been picking up copies in book shops and taking notes on where to go, and after getting this we realised there’s so much shit to do around here, and we need to get our acts together and start seeing some of these cool sites (we’ll see how long that lasts). After that little excursion we popped in to our favourite pub to play yet more hours of pool and knock back and a couple of cold ones whilst watching England win a medal or two. Well done to the North Koreans up until now as well, got a little soft spot for them and 3 golds ain’t half bad for such a fucked up country! After that we came back to chill out here for a while, not really sure what we do but time just seems to pass. Eventually went out to get some pizzas at a pizzeria, and they were bloody good, can’t fault the array of western food on offer here in Thailand. Then we sat back to watch a couple of films before going to bed, ready for an action packed day tomorrow full of crazy adventures and such.
Day 191 – Wednesday 1st August

This is just getting fucking pathetic, we’ve been here for what feels like forever and barely done anything, it’s not just pure laziness, the floating house is not a bad place to chill out in the day, and the weather is just a constant annoyance, really didn’t think monsoon season would be this bad just got to hope it isn’t raining on the beaches! So we got up nice and late, got an average breakfast and came back here to sit around doing literally fuck all, all day. Luckily the internet was working unbelievably well today so I downloaded a ton of crap for us to watch whilst we’re stuck here. After a while we went out for dinner (you know where) and I got a steak and mushroom pie, fuck it was good, and then we came back here to sit around watching movies before going to bed, tomorrow we will do something…surely!

Day 192 – Thursday 2nd August

Busy little day today! After setting an alarm (for 2pm mind) we got up and hit the ground running, once showered, we went straight to the scooter rental place, picked up a scooter and got directions to a golf club. After what seems like a long drive, due to the woman telling me to wear a helmet and me getting one that was way too big and kept blowing off my head! So yeah, after about half an hour, we turned up at this super fancy golf course, with about a 2km driveway. Playing a round of golf was too expensive, and neither of us is good enough to be playing on such an immense course, so we headed over to the driving range instead. A lot of shit shots (from Greg) and 200 balls later, we had well and truly embarrassed ourselves and got blisters from the shitty rented clubs, and we got back on the bike to hit the road again back in to town. By now we were starving, and worn out from the strenuous events of the day gone by, so we went to good old Robbo’s bar, and our usual hang out was fucking closed! So we had to settle for some street food, rather than walk up and down the street trying to decide where would have good food. After that little meal we came back home to spend the rest of the evening chilling out and deciding where we should go next. There doesn’t really seem to be one place to go next, we have to be in Bangkok in a week to get Pops so we can’t go too far, but seemingly apart from hanging out in Bangkok there aren’t really loads of standout places to go. But there are a couple of national parks and stuff around, basically it’s all still up in the air so we will check out in the morning and decide then what to do next. We had dinner back at that pizzeria place with the stupid French owner and then spent the night watching films as per usual. Although to you Kanchanaburi may sound bloody boring, it is a really nice place and although we may have stayed here too long, it has been fun, should be good to be back on the road again tomorrow.

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Bangkok and Kanchanaburi

Day 183 – Tuesday 24th July

Had to wake up at 7 today in order to get Feds to the airport in time, after a quick shower and packing session, we got on our way. The taxi was ready and waiting and only took about 10 minutes as we were staying so close to the airport. Got to the airport and he hopped in the check in queue which only took a couple of minutes and then he was off through security check and gone into the abyss. After that I got on my way and headed on the airport train, then the metro and then the sky train and arrived (almost) at my hostel. I say almost due to the fact that I had no directions other than an address and their went any numbers printed on the road, so after walking up and down this road for a good half hour getting very sweaty with all my bags on, I eventually found my hostel. And boy was it worth the wait, the hostel has to be the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in, it’s all brand new, the bathrooms are so nice, and each bed has its own desk and towel rail and the beds are huge. After getting washed I headed straight to bed for a much needed nap. Once I got up I started on the blog which took an age due to me seemingly being constantly behind (sorry). After that I went to get some food, which proved a bit of a mission as I’m staying right in the centre of the expat zone and all there is, is bloody bars with dirty old men paying for prostitutes and getting hammered all day. In the end I had to settle for a McDonald’s. After that I went back to my hostel and the internet had just started working, so I had a lot of things to catch up on, and spent a good couple more hours sitting in bed. After that I got my act together and hung out in the communal area chatting to some fellow travellers from all different parts of the world, and after a while I headed to bed, all alone now for the first time in a while, very different experience. Greg will be back tomorrow though so it’s very short lived.

Day 184 – Wednesday 25th July

Finally had a bloody lie in today, I know it sounds like I’m always in bed having naps and things, I haven’t been able to wake up late the last few days and it was a nice treat. Once I eventually got out of bed I had to head to the laundrette to pick up my washing which included my towel, and had a shower. After I was all ready, I headed downstairs to catch up with some more people staying here, I’m basically completely undecided about where to go next and everyone who I’m asking keeps telling me the same fucking thing ‘Go down south to all the beaches’ as good as that sounds I’m going later and will be there for a month or so, so I’d rather check out the North first. I found a good place to get some street food and this nice woman who made me some tasty fried rice then headed straight back in to the hostel. Greg eventually arrived back at the hostel around 7 (he was in Malaysia for a couple days to see an Arsenal game) after he had showered we dropped all his stuff off at the laundry and went on a little walk around to find a market or some shops because we both needed a couple things. That proved fruitless and it started pissing down so we had to run home, and we then spent a while trying to figure out where we should go next, and there’s this really cool place called Kachanaburi where they filmed the bridge over the river kwai and there’s loads of other nice things around. So it looks like we will head there probably the day after tomorrow, it’s only a couple of hours away on the train. After that we got cracking on a bottle of Bombay sapphire which Greg had bought in the airport, and just spent a while waiting out the rain and chatting, eventually got a bit of food and went to bed.

Day 185 – Thursday 26th July

Actually got out of bed and did things today, I know that seems to be a relatively rare occurrence of late, I’m going to blame on the Thai mentally of sitting around all day relaxing, not like those crazy Chinese! After we eventually got up we asked the woman at the desk to point us to one of Bangkok’s infamous giant malls, she did point at an area of the map and we were on our way. After getting off the sky train we headed to what looked like a mall but just turned out to be a tiny place with only a couple of shops, so I went in a newsagent and asked and they told us the name of a big one so we hopped in a cab and finally made it to this place which was absolutely GINORMOUS!! We went inside and got started in the electronics section to try and pick up some cool fake stuff but we didn’t get any luck, after that we had some food and then looked around a bit more, the problem was that this place was so big and we didn’t really have time to get around it all (would’ve taken hours). So we found Greg some shoes, then just sort of walked around aimlessly before finding the little market floor where I picked up a couple of bits and bobs and after that we headed to the cinema to see what was on. Unfortunately the new Batman wasn’t being shown in English until around 10 and it was only 7 by this point and most of the shops were closing, so we decided to give it a miss and jumped in a cab back to the sky train stop. Next time we’re in Bangkok we will have to set a whole day aside to get round one of the big malls and find everything we need. Once we got back to our amazing hostel, we headed online to check out all the details of the next place and we will get on a train there around 2ish tomorrow. Then we spent the evening chatting to some more people staying at the hostel, even met one guy from Serbia who was there just a week ago, fucking nuts! Also met this crazy Serbian minister guy who was really cool, and then did our packing and hit the hay ready for an early wake up (11am) tomorrow in order to check out.

Day 186 – Friday 27th July

Got up bright and early today and after pissing about a bit we eventually left the hostel around 12 and jumped on the sky train to the end of the line. Once we got there, we still needed to hop in a cab to get to Bangkok’ West station, and after trying to explain train station to 4 different drivers (they didn’t understand ‘choo choo’!) we found a guy who knew what we were on about. Got there nice and early o we got our tickets and sat down and had some food before getting some seats on the train and leaving just before 2. The train only took about 2 and a half hours and consisted of trying to read but being too tired, and to uncomfortable to sleep, ah well didn’t take to long and we finally made it to the next stop, Kanchanaburi! Once we got off the rain there was a taxi driver ready and waiting with different brochures and all the prices of our possible options, so we pipcked one which was pretty much the cheapest and he took us there. This place is famous for its ‘floating houses’ which do float, but are still tied to land so it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Luckily these places are always cheaper than staying in the land part of a hotel and obviously much better, so we got a room on one of the floating things for a really good price, and this place has a pool, which ain’t half bad! After we put all our shit down and got a bit of food, we sat down to watch the Arsenal vs Man City pre-season friendly which was a fucking terrible game, I hate watching pre-season it’s almost always shite! Either way Greg can’t miss a second of Arsenal so we didn’t have a choice, at least Arsenal lost! After that we sat around for a bit doing shit on the internet, then headed out to get some dinner. Nothing was open due it being around half 10 except for this one bar owned by this proper geezer Liverpool fan, who served pretty decent looking pub food. So we chilled out there for a while, had a couple of drinks watched a bit of Olympics and headed back here to watch a movie and then hit the hay.

Day 187 – Saturday 28th July

It was raining like crazy today, I know this seems to be a common occurrence, but it really does fuck up the day if it rains cats and dogs pretty much all afternoon. Due to the weather I didn’t come out of bed until very late (due to it being cosy and dry and all) and after eventually moving we went and got some food from this little restaurant opposite us which wasn’t too bad. And then we head straight to Rob’s bar (same place as last night) to watch some more Olympics and catch what happened in last night’s ceremony. He has a good 4 TV screens playing different sports, so there’s always something half decent to watch, and if there is only female weightlifting on, there’s a pool table to keep us busy. After spending a while there, we came back here and due to the persisting rain, I sat down and read, finally finished 1984 and what a bloody good book it was, can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read such a classic. After that brilliant ending, we hung around here a while before eventually heading straight back to that bar for dinner (we’ve become fucking regulars now) and watching some more sport and playing a few more games of pool. After spending way too long there, we headed back home to watch a movie, ‘Bridesmaids’ tonight great fucking film! Then headed off to bed for a potentially busy day tomorrow depending on weather conditions.

Day 188 – Sunday 29th July

Greg wasn’t feeling so well this morning, seems to have some fluey symptoms, so we didn’t get out of bed for a while as there was no need to get up and rush somewhere when we had a soldier down. Once we did get up we headed to Robbo’s bar for some Sunday lunch, would you believe it, out here?! And fuck me was it good, haven’t had one of them in well over 6 months! And Greg wasn’t feeling too hungry so I had a bit of his as well, after that we hung out at the bar for a while longer doing the usual, catching up with the old regulars. As much as I hate doing English shit while you’re abroad, having put it off for so long now, I’m happy to treat myself a bit and to be brutally honest there aren’t really many nice places around here. After that brilliant meal and the following pool games, we came back here to spend the afternoon watching TV as it had obviously started raining. Today had a very Sunday feel, I’m sure all my days seem the same of doing completely fuck all, but today felt even more like that than usual. Anyway, hung around here for a while before heading straight back to you know where for some dinner. I had a bloody steak and onion pie with chips and gravy, it really doesn’t get much better than that on the food front for today. After playing some more pool and watching the Olympics (God we’re sad!) we came back here and there was no movie madness tonight as Greg still wasn’t feeling good so he went to bed, and I spent a couple of hours just chilling out. Tomorrow we will be getting up at a reasonable (ish) hour and heading over to see the bridge, hopefully!

Sorry for another late entry people, it’s all Greg’s fault, he won’t let me sit down to write it, I’ll try harder this week.

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